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Wallace Wed 30-Mar-05 12:45:10

Trying to buy a new TV license. Have been ignoring it for ages, and have just got a letter saying they will be visiting my area, and I "NOW RISK PROSECUTION"

I don't want to phone as for some reason the kids always kick off the moment I'm on hte phone. So I have been trying to do it online. Everytime I click on Pay by Direct Debit, it says it can't find the webpage. Could somebody check for me if it is just my computer? Thanks x

Snugs Wed 30-Mar-05 12:47:34

Works fine on mine

JanH Wed 30-Mar-05 12:47:57

It came up for me, Wallace (from the orange box). Didn't try the other link, hang on...yep, that worked too.


Wallace Wed 30-Mar-05 12:49:52

Oh, just me then.

Thanks for doing that for me .

I suppose I'll have to phone now.

Snugs Wed 30-Mar-05 12:50:39

Try it again, it might have been a blip on the server.

Wallace Wed 30-Mar-05 12:52:33

Still not working for me. It comes up with "The page cannot be displayed"

Why have I got a crap computer???

JanH Wed 30-Mar-05 12:53:30

Try rebooting before you give up, Wallace.

Wallace Wed 30-Mar-05 12:56:37

Could it be something to do with not having 128-bit connection security?
I'll try to update and see what happens

lilsmum Wed 30-Mar-05 13:00:24

if you do manage to do it online, be very careful!! i did mine online, paid in full and they took 2 x £121 out of my bank (their mistake) and it took me 5 days to get it back

Wallace Wed 30-Mar-05 13:57:00

seems to be working now i have downloaded the high encription pack

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