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What's the going rate for a lose tooth these days?

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SPARKLER1 Tue 29-Mar-05 22:13:44

DD1 (5) has her first wobbly tooth. It's about to fall out any time now. Yipeeee! I am feeling quite emotional about it actually . As it's the first time this has happened to me being a mum wasn't sure what the going rate was for a tooth these days.
Think I used to get about 10p when I was a kid.

kkgirl Tue 29-Mar-05 22:16:13

Going rate in our house is a £1, bad mistake I think as its costing us a fortune, and got very tricky with dt2 as he had to have two teeth removed when he was three, so it caused difficulty when to pay him, in the end waited until dt1 lost her front teeth.
What about 50p

bubble99 Tue 29-Mar-05 22:17:36

£1 here.

paolosgirl Tue 29-Mar-05 22:22:05

It's a pound here too, and that seems to be the going rate

Just make sure you do it yourself - dh has forgotten on one occasion (cue VERY upset 6 years old, who had to be bundled back to bed and told to go back to sleep, with the excuse that it was so 'early' that the tooth fairy hadn't been yet) and on another occasion gave £2 as he didn't have £1 - and said 6 year old was VERY annoyed at the drop in rate for the next lost tooth). Never trust a man....

Dannie Tue 29-Mar-05 22:22:21

50p in this pocket of poverty in the otherwise wealthy southeast

QueenEagle Tue 29-Mar-05 22:22:50

Crikey I must be a cheapskate! I pay 20p for front teeth and 50p for back ones. On more than one occasion the tooth fairy has written an IOU in which case the fee tends to double if the tooth has to stay under the pillow for a second night to await collection!

Spacecadet Tue 29-Mar-05 22:35:15

£1 and the tooth fairy is a bit lapse round here, the window has to be left open in the day so tooth fairy can come while the occupant of the bedroom is at she tends to fall asleep at night and forget to leave the money, ooppss!

jura Tue 29-Mar-05 22:44:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SPARKLER1 Tue 29-Mar-05 23:12:51

Jura - £2 each and £5 for two???? I'd better start saving.

pixel Wed 30-Mar-05 00:01:24

£2 for the first one as it's "special" and then 50p after that in our house. Mind you, dd is 9 and has only lost 3 teeth so it's hardly cost us a fortune so far. Agree about not letting men do it. They either forget, or wake the child up blundering around!

sparklymieow Wed 30-Mar-05 00:17:10

£1 here. DS was very upset when he lost a tooth on holiday in the nightclub, we looked for it and couldn't find it so told him that the Tooth fairy had already found it and she would leave the money later. He asked how she would know where to leave the money as he wasn't in his "own" bed, and we said she would know where he was as she is special and knows exactly where he would be. Lots of blagging on that day!!!

SPARKLER1 Wed 30-Mar-05 09:07:05

Titania Wed 30-Mar-05 09:10:10

sorry to hijack.....what age do they start losing teeth? I think I was about 6 when I first lost mine. I got 50p for my first tooth but after that I never got anything Will be 50p here I think when they start losing them.

Keane Wed 30-Mar-05 09:10:55

my dd lost hers at 4 (well 2 anyway) she was almost 5

SPARKLER1 Wed 30-Mar-05 09:10:58

My dd is 5 - I think that's about the average age.

Titania Wed 30-Mar-05 09:12:30

blimey.....better get saving then....ds1 is 5 so I guess it could start anytime then!! Thanks!!

pindy Wed 30-Mar-05 09:15:38

£1 in this house. I have 2 children only 17 months apart so one of them was always losing a tooth. dd (12) has now lost them all and ds (11) only has 2 to go. Both started losing them when they were about 5.

clary Wed 30-Mar-05 09:15:49

titania think it depends when they got them. DS1 had no teeth till he was 11 mo and at nearly 6 still has them all.
BTW the rate was 6d when I was a child. ooo-er showing me age!

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