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"Accident Investigation Bureau"

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LIZS Mon 05-Jan-09 17:27:11

Is this a scam ? I've just had a call claiming to be from a Steven Smith of the Accident Investigation Bureau, asking for me by name and stating that I had had an accident in last 3 years . When I said no it must have been another family member. hmm We are on Telephone Preference and no number on 1471.

Margatemum Tue 11-May-10 13:25:30

Hi seems like the same scam is running again as usual indian accent very cadgey witheald number when pressed said his name was Mark Simon, the call was at 11.15am today I have taken the advice on here and reported it to the police and trading standards and also joined the bt preference service. It seems there is no good scam like an old scam so be warned they are at it again

Margatemum Fri 14-May-10 17:44:02

Twice today they phoned the first time I answered the call and am afraid to say I lost my temper and told them in no uncertain terms to go to hell and never call this number again.

They have just called back and this time my husband answered the phone and when asked if he had had an accident in the last few months he replied that they must have the wrong number as this was the Police station the guy obviously as thick as the preverbial still persisted so my husband asked who he was and for a phone number the usual excuses followed, my hubbie then told him his call was dubious and explained he was detective chief inspector, Gene Hunt working for the police, the guy appologised and hung up.

I was by this time rooling around on the floor with laughter.

artychoke Tue 28-Sep-10 15:42:46

I had a phone call this afternoon from someone claiming to be called John (despite the pronounced Indian accent) and offering to make a claim for compensation for any accident we may have had in the past 3 years. I got him to leave a number for my son to ring back if he wishes = but guess what? when I dialled the number it was "not recognised". I tried 1471 after the call, it was "we do not have the number to return the call" which indicates that it is a call from abroad. I suspect that the phone system is unable to block these call centres. Anyway, if you have had an accident and want to make a claim, look up your own choice of who to do it, preferably through the police or citizens advice bureau.

Kar44 Mon 08-Nov-10 18:53:14

Hello ladies - just had the same call from someone with an accent and when I asked him not to call again he said "I will call again and you will listen to me" then he proceeded by saying he was watching me! Something needs to be done about these harrassing callers. Its not right!

Kincaid Sat 27-Nov-10 15:26:42

You really have to admire their persistance from reading this site how many times must they get to to ---- off. Just had a call - same scenario Indian/Pakistani accent, same story not 'has somebody in your house had an accident' but 'somebody has had an accident in your house in the last 3 yrs'. So 'OK give me the name of the individual you allege had the accident?' Who are you again and where are you based?'
Reckon they are more likely to steal an identity than be ambulance chasers, give them nothing.

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Nov-10 15:31:29

This is going to sound odd, but the only posts on this thread (I know it's an old one) that ring true are from posters I recognise - JMTPW and sea. If it wasn't such a strange subject I'd think this was advertising hmm funny how it keeps getting bumped too

Muuvva Thu 06-Jan-11 23:05:00

I had a call this evening from 'Regan' from the 'accident investigation bureau' with a strong Indian accent who wanted me to answer questions about a supposed accident I have had within the last 2 years. We also are ex directory and TPS registered. I decided to persist with my own set of questions to him, asking for his phone number, address of his company, details of the government agency who apparently gave him my details,among lots of other things, I just kept on and on and on with my line of questioning... it was fun to see how p****d off he was getting until he could take no more and put the phone down on me.... how dare these people intrude in this way and then have the cheek to take offence at being asked for their details??!!..wink

mummyduff Mon 10-Jan-11 13:53:05

I also had one of these calls today, I notified the local police, who took all the details.
The guy was indian and said he was called Mark Williams, he refused to give me tel no or company address.
The police believe they are bogus calls.

Dakota68 Tue 18-Jan-11 18:53:06

My 13 year old son just had a call and handed the phone to me - it was an Indian/Pakistani man (don't recall his name) claiming to be from the 'Accident Investigation Bureau'. I could barely understand his accent but asked where he got my number from - some kind of database list? I smelt a rat as I knew nobody there hadn't been any accidents in our household, I had never heard of the AIB and we are ex directory. He mumbled something unintelligible and so I just hung up on him straight away. I dialled 1471 and the reply was '....we do not have the caller's number to return the call'...he hasn't called back so far but this is obviously a scam of some sort but I couldn't be bothered to give them a second more of my time by trying to dig deeper. As everyone seems to be hearing Indian accents, perhaps the scam is originating from there?

wonderfulmun Sat 22-Jan-11 13:51:10

I have just had a phone call this morning from some French sounding guy claiming to be from the Accident Investigation Bureau in Hammersmith.When he said about someone having an accident,the penny dropped immediately it was a con.I asked him to repeat the phone number he had which was mine then I asked him to check his facts .Then he hung up.There is no number in the 1471 and I have reported it to the police and TPS.

Spookey Sat 29-Jan-11 12:33:06

Had a call this morning from A.I.B. regarding an accident, the day after an RTC in which my wife was injured slightly. Fist contact was an Asian sounding woman who neither my wife nor I could understand, passed to her manager one "Regan Williams" who said they were working on behalf of the Government/Insurace companies. Sounded Asian and had problems understanding him. Became suspicious and asked for contact details. he said they were in London and his Extn was 6231 but they were having new telephone number today and would call back in about 1 hour. How did they get details of someone being injured so quick? Possibly a rogue employee at the hospital which treated my wife or the insurance company? Still waiting for a call back from "Regan Williams"

Bert330201 Wed 29-Jun-11 19:34:11

Has this call to day asking for my self (mr) then found it was for my mum.. who hasnt had accident in 3 years.. little alone much of her life.. kick up fuss an got talking to manager.. vcitor wilson.. very very rude to me.. an refuse to give me an number for costumer sevice...... will be reporting this to local police.. TS/ BT/vrigin etc
hope this stops soon

krisD10 Wed 12-Sep-12 19:41:02

Looks like these guys are back to their old tricks again. Had a call from them this evening and hung up straight away, so they rang back and asked why i had hung up, told them I wasn't interested and hung up again. This guy persisted and kept calling, saying at one point 'I am going to keep calling you till you listen to me'. At that point I totally lost the plot to him to f off and leave me alone otherwise I would report him to the police for harassment. I counted a further 20+ calls. Until it got to the point of them finishing for the day. I will wait and see what tomorrow brings!!!

Ruddee Wed 17-Oct-12 18:46:12

They have started again. Only yesterday I had a call from a Pakistani/Indian called Daniel. Same patter about somebody having had an accident in last 2/3 years. We are also TPS registered. During call it was I that got abusive and told them what they could do with their 'shot in the dark' to find a client for accident chasing. The call was made from 08436841511 - I have not returned it....

bimblebee Thu 22-Nov-12 19:55:16

I had one of these calls tonight, Indian/Asian guy calling himself Mark from the Accident Investigation Bureau, said it was something to do with the NHS. the number was withheld and we are registered with TPS. I asked him if he was selling a service for compensation and he said yes, and when I asked for a number to call back on he wouldn't give one. I said I didn't believe he was from a government department and I would report him and he said that my call had been recorded and I would be taken to court for not giving information to a government department!! I have looked on other forums - it appears that even if you do report to TPS they never do anything about it. I suppose all we can do is have some fun and games with these scammers.

Dimitris Mon 26-Nov-12 14:58:22

Just called my wife. Indian accent, same patter about me reporting an accident (!). So disturbing!

gingerstar Thu 29-Nov-12 12:57:13

They just called me, at midday, they said they were working on behalf of the national health service, I haven't had an accident, so was suspicious, i asked if it was important, and said it had better be, as I am night duty, and was fast asleep.. he just repeated that he was working on behalf of national heath service .. clearly he would have a name to ask for if he really was, so I just told him i didn't believe him and wasn't interested, and would be returning to sleep .. so annoyed .. I am ex directory, and just leave the phone on in case anyone genuinely needs to get hold of me .. The other posts on here are correct .. definitely don't give these dodgy people any information.

kazywaz Fri 30-Nov-12 11:24:51

the same just happened to me. i am also ex directory and it seems everybody else is too, so annoyed when i told the him nobody had had a accident he insisted he had details from the nhs where he also got my number from which i know is a load of twoddle, what got me was when i asked him to remove my number from list he got quite abusive and told me he didnt care who the hell i was. fuming!!!! idid 1471 but no number which is a blessing for indian john i say.

PeeCharlie Sun 06-Jan-13 17:48:39

I received a call today (a Sunday) from a David with an Indian/Pakistani accent. He became annoyed then hung up the phone when I pressed him with questions. Someone else called back (same accent with a British name) a few hours later - this one answered my questions stating the NHS had only given them a list of numbers without people's details under a list of people whose had an accident within the last 2 years and stated they're working for NHS to arrange compensation - he still pressed to establish if anyone has had an accident in our family and my name but I told him I'd only give him that information once I've confirmed the company on-line. I explained that I do not pass any personal information to people without confirming the company and that they could call back.
Foreign accent with a British names; telephone numbers with no names; company telephone number with-held - these are clear FRAUD INDICATORS

7Pmeee Thu 21-Feb-13 09:42:07

I have received three times the same type of calls. Yesterday I had a message on my mobile "We now have details of how much you are due, just simply CLAIM and we will post you a patch out" et c'est envoyé de +447899894974"
Strange, I did'nt reply

fyfer Tue 24-Sep-13 15:39:43

Just had a call from an Asian 'John Murphy' asking me to confirm details of an accident. He didn't seem to know much of the details but that it wasn't our fault. Claimed to be from a company called Nation Advice Bureau (doesn't exist), telephone number 0800 111222333, which is Ford. Think he thought we might have been injured but I said we weren't in the car so he shortened conversation. Hang up or leave them hanging. Nothing good comes from answering the house phone these days!

mumarchy Wed 30-Apr-14 12:27:44

Just had a call from Nation Advice Bureau who supposedly work with the RTO (???) . Same story as fyfer above. They are so rude when you refuse to give out details. They say you are entitled to some legal personal compensation as the accident was not your fault. The telephone number they were calling from was 00141997978125. Don't know what to make of it. They start with saying they want to close my file.

heresmyname Mon 14-Jul-14 12:01:02

Hello, sorry to revive a dead post but some of you should be aware leaving these people hanging makes no difference to them. They're criminals ! Just like opportunist car theives or burglars. They either bail out on their bills (having applied with fraudulent credentials) or pay them using stolen proceeds. Their perogative is to obtain your information to sell or manipulate, they will use any means necessary (over the phone). The only thing acheived in wasting their time - is perhaps giving them a few minutes less opportunity to scam somebody else.

The best weapon against these criminals is the humble answerphone. Let them talk to 'robots' all day long, they soon get fed up (if they bother to leave a message at all).


binsky100 Tue 30-Dec-14 16:11:44

These people are at it again! Unfortunately for them I had time to talk today lol. I asked them to remove my name from file and he said it would not be possible until I had confirmed my details. I told him I was a solicitor (a lie) and told him I wanted everything in writing, he told me I would continue to receive calls until I answered over the phone. This went on for some time until I asked for a phone number and the company's registered name, and then told him that by the way this call was now being recorded ... Hung up on me just when things were getting interesting

RiceBurner Thu 04-Jun-15 13:00:46

I know this is a Zombie thread, but I have just had 4 calls in quick succession from these ppl. (so annoying!)

So I want to warn folks that they haven't given up on this particular scam yet. (Do they ever get any takers I wonder?)

I was surprised/confused with the 1st call, but I was polite-ish. I hung up immediately on the 2nd call ... saying only "get lost", which I think they didn't understand. 3rd call was a silent one. Then on the 4th call, (all 4 within the space of a few mins), I entered into an angry convo with them, to try to annoy them back/find out who they were.

I was careful to not give them any info. (Didnt confirm or deny any accident.) Just told them they were breaking the law by cold calling me. And asked them what was the accident I'd had (or someone else in the household) and when. (And they didn't know of course.)

They insisted they had been given my number from a company called "Accident Claims Management", so I asked for the tel number of that source, and was told 0161 408 000. (Haven't looked it up. Assume it's not correct)

I then asked for their UK address, (having accused them of being in India and hence getting thru my telephone preference shield, which they denied), as they said they were in London. (Ha!)

Their address, (which took ages to get, as spelling with such a heavy Indian accent wasn't easy, so at least I wasted their time for a few mins ... and mine obviously) was given as:

Unit 1
Silvermere Drive
Stonehill Business Park
N18 3QH

This address exists, but is obviously just given out as part of their cover story. (And they are not based there I am sure.) Not exactly a presigious address for a law firm anyhow?!

If they phone again, (which I doubt), I am thinking of asking them why in earth, (say if I actually had had an accident), would wI ant to put my trust in them, to sue on my behalf, rather than get someone who I can meet with in person ... without havign to fly to India!

Scary that they must get some returns from these calls or else they would have stopped by now?

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