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Womens Self-Defence, can you answer a Q or two?

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BadgerBadger Tue 29-Mar-05 12:29:26

Would you try it?

Would you be prepared to face the reality of hurting someone?

Would you benefit from experiencing a realistic though obviously structured scenario of an attack as part of the course?


Would you prefer to see experienced defence experts carrying out an attack/defence scenario?


Would you expect to be taught from an intellectual aspect?

Or all of the above?

What would you most like to learn?

Would you prefer to be taught by women, men or a mixture of both?

sunnyskies Tue 29-Mar-05 16:22:14

TBH not much help - but have always wanted to go so could"protect" myself or me and the kids but never had the nerve to actually sign up to it on my own - don't think it would matter if it was a man or a woman and would be prepared(I think)to hurt someone but only because of an incident on tube years ago that has stuck with me

mummytosteven Tue 29-Mar-05 16:23:49

Yes I would try it.

I would want to see a replica attack and how to deal with it?

I think a mixture of men and women teachers ideally.

Caligula Tue 29-Mar-05 16:23:56

Don't mind
Don't mind

Most like to learn to be prepared for an attack and how to deal with it if it were to happen.


hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 16:27:10

Have done.

Have done

Have done and it worked well, IMO.

Yes, this works too - it's nice to know what you're doing right/wrong.

A good idea to have this too.

I learnt a mixture of aikido and karate and loved it (can still breakfall which is fun )

I was taught by men and think I'd prefer this.

Newbarnsleygirlsjustinsane Tue 29-Mar-05 16:34:00

Yes, have done

Yes, have done

I was part of a scenario attack and and also watched some.

I did a PCC course which is used by the prison service and it's probably the best thing I have learnt in my whole life.

WigWamBam Tue 29-Mar-05 17:26:20

Yes, I'd try it. And in trying it I would have to be prepared to face the reality that at some point I might have to use it to hurt someone. I wouldn't want to learn purely to hurt someone though.

I think there are some benefits to experiencing a realistic though obviously structured scenario of an attack as part of the course, but would like to see experienced defence experts carrying out an attack/defence scenario as a demonstration before I took part in a structured attack scenario.

I think it would be important to be taught from an intellectual aspect as well as from a purely physical one.

I wouldn't care whether I was taught by a man or a woman, as long as it was someone who was well qualified in what they were teaching.

Newbarnsleygirlsjustinsane Tue 29-Mar-05 17:28:04

My DH teaches it if anyone is interested!

Newbarnsleygirlsjustinsane Tue 29-Mar-05 17:28:35

Thats really cheeky, Sorry!

Pagan Tue 29-Mar-05 17:33:03

Did martial arts for 6 years and it really boosted my confidence. Even now in my creaky state I'm sure I could still give an attacker a fright and make my getaway.

TBH it's a bit more full on than just a self defence course but self defence was also taught. We used to run through various scenarios of different types of attack with different weapons so we'd have an idea as to what to do to escape.

It was a mixed class which was fine but whilst sparring there was never enough people the same sex or level to match up and some of the boys did tend to be a bit gung ho, particularly if a female was technically better than them.

I also did a boxercise class which was just keep fit to moves and there was no contact at all. It was also mixed and less competitive.

To answer your questions then

most definitely yes

no good at all, you need hands on experience

Can't see the taught from intellectual aspect working at all.

It would really depend on the person as to whether they'd prefer a male/female instructor. My instructor was male and excellent.

joash Tue 29-Mar-05 17:46:26

Done it (was taught it as part of my job years ago - to teach to other women)
yes (followed by personal practice)

taught by women - the whole point of women's self-defense is that it differs from mens self-defence and should only be by women for women!!!

BadgerBadger Tue 29-Mar-05 23:55:36

Thanks so much! I know a man who's setting up a new round of courses for WSD, and has been contemplating the original Q's.

Seeing as how it's for a good cause, I posted here . Thanks so much for your thoughts (and your offer NBG, but I'm covered .)

I'm all for experiencing the reality of an attack in a class setting, but other people I know seem to feel that women have trouble overcoming their (ingrained) feminine side, so have trouble lashing out if need be!
(And therefore wouldn't benefit from a true to life scenario during a class - WTF?!)

Lionesses we are!

hunkermunker Tue 29-Mar-05 23:59:06

LOL at trouble lashing out. The first time I was attacked, the instructor fell over...not only because I repelled his attack so expertly, but because I shouted at the same time (the other women had gone 'ooh' really lamely). He fair shat himself

BadgerBadger Wed 30-Mar-05 02:57:58


sunnyskies Wed 30-Mar-05 16:16:09

Is he in London - the guy setting this up????????? would certainly seriously think about it

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