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First day we have had to stay in and...

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kid Tue 29-Mar-05 09:40:04

the kids are killing eachother already!

So far this holiday, they have been out everyday to one place or another but today I have to stay in for a delivery and they are tormenting the life out of me and its only just gone 9:30am

They were fighting so I told them both off and sent the to their rooms. DS then tried to hit DD again so I told him off. He then punched me right in the face Little horror Still, back to school on Monday!

sunnyskies Tue 29-Mar-05 16:28:29

hang on in there and hope you are feeling a bit better today as well - hope the delivery has arrived

Demented Tue 29-Mar-05 16:36:25

My two have been fighting all day too, you have my sympathies.

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