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What makes you smile...

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eidsvold Sat 22-Mar-03 17:39:15

I figured that this could be the opposite of the what annoys you in others thread....

I love the daffodils being out - spring.

Sunny days

When dd smiles at me or giggles for no reason

When people tell me how lovely dd is

GeorginaA Sat 22-Mar-03 17:55:55

When the estate agent phones up to say the chain is now complete and you won't be losing out on the house you love after all...

Chinchilla Sat 22-Mar-03 18:14:28

Eidsvols - all yours are mine too! Ooh, and seeing that Magnum has seven new flavours - yum...

Chinchilla Sat 22-Mar-03 18:14:57

sorry - 'Eidsvold' - typo!

Hilary Sat 22-Mar-03 18:19:42

Seeing my two boys (4 and 2) sitting side by side looking at a book, or playing together, or talking together...

Claireandrich Sat 22-Mar-03 20:07:49

When DD (11 months) toddles over to me, puts her arms round my neck, pats me on the back and then gives me a big sloppy kiss!!!

TBH, just seeing or thinking of DD! (Soppy mood tonight I think)

Chinchilla Sat 22-Mar-03 20:14:35

Oh yes, when you see other people in town with babies, and you both smile at each other because you know that your children are so special. It is lovely to be able to acknowledge people that you don't even know without them thinking you're weird!

Sabbath Sat 22-Mar-03 20:17:45

When they are tucked up in bed, they look like angels. And when my ds says he loves me!!

sobernow Sat 22-Mar-03 20:19:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

breeze Sat 22-Mar-03 20:29:50

Looking at the clock in the morning and DS has slept in.

When DS tells me that he loves me and it is now immediately followed by can I have .........

When my DH doesn't mind me coming home earlier from a day out so I can watch my team on the telly.

When I log on to mumsnet and having a bad day and read some replies to the threads embarrassing stories etc etc.

Seeing another poster doing typo's and realising it isn't just me that has trouble typing.

Enid Sat 22-Mar-03 21:01:46

when dd2 (5 months) shakes her rattle and looks pleased at the sound it makes

when dd1 (3) pats the sofa and says 'come here mummy I've made a warm place for you'

when dp pours me a large glass of wine in the evening

jessi Sat 22-Mar-03 22:55:34

When I feel my baby kick, despite keeping me awake at night, its heaven.

Ds and his never ending questions and when he clings onto the bannisters pretending to be spiderman with a very serious look on his face.

Dh who is evolving into the greatest dh I could ever of wished for.

cathncait Sun 23-Mar-03 00:32:03

I love looking at dd when she is asleep with her face wedged against the cot bars or face down, bum in the air. Awwwwww.
And the look on dh's face when she (71/2 months) says 'dadee'. (even if she doesn't know thats him yet!)

bouncy Sun 23-Mar-03 07:52:42

Joining a new website and making new friends.

How do I do those smiley faces?

sobernow Sun 23-Mar-03 08:28:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sobernow Sun 23-Mar-03 08:28:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

batey Sun 23-Mar-03 09:22:52

Dd1 saying, that although she really really loves me, dd2 is her very very best'ist friend. I think that's great knowing they'll always have each other...

Ghosty Sun 23-Mar-03 10:24:12

DS crawling into bed with us in the morning, snuggling against me and not going near DH because 'Daddy is smelly'!!!

Chiccadum Sun 23-Mar-03 10:30:27

Sex and chocolate

mckenzie Sun 23-Mar-03 21:06:51

I heard a lovely little saying last night

To the world, you are somebody
but to somebody, you are the world.

Bron Sun 23-Mar-03 21:23:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bossykate Sun 23-Mar-03 22:12:35

bron, for me it is ...

oooh! sparkles!...

i'm <ahem> older than you anyway!

Frieda Sun 23-Mar-03 22:37:32

Watching ds and dh rolling down one of the many hills in Greenwich park, laughing out loud on a sunny day.
Driving along and singing the themetune from Jay Jay the Jet Plane with ds at the tops of our voices (who cares if we don't know all the words – we just make 'em up).
The "glug glug" sound of pouring that first glass of wine...

Tortington Sun 23-Mar-03 23:25:39

the " sorry if i caused offence " thread made me wet miself.

bron, made me smile just now

my daughter sends me e - mails to tell me she loves me - that makes me smile

sex makes me smile - afterwards

SimonHoward Mon 24-Mar-03 07:12:28

Seeing my daughters face light up when she first sees me when I walk into a room.

The Taxman saying sorry and giving money back.

Sex (before, during and after).

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