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Circular or Rectangular Kitchen Table?

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almost40 Mon 28-Mar-05 20:51:28

Hi, I have 2 DDs (who are 1 yr old and 3 yrs old atm) and may possibly have one more child with DH. I would like to buy a new kitchen table that will last a lifetime. We spend a lot of time sitting at the kitchen table. I'm trying to decide if we should buy a circular one or a rectangular one. Which do you have? What are the advantages/disadvantages? At present, we have a really small rectangular one that is on its last legs. Thanks in advance.

expatinscotland Mon 28-Mar-05 20:53:17

If I had the space, I'd go for a round one.

tassis Mon 28-Mar-05 20:54:37

I am so pleased with mine. It's only from IKEA so it sounds like you'd like something a tad more substantial, but I'll tell you about it anyway! It's square and has leaves at both sides so it goes from being quite compact (seating for 4) to beng really big (easily enough for 8). Also because it's just from IKEA ds can pain and glue at it without me worrying.

CountessDracula Mon 28-Mar-05 20:56:00

expat I would go for a round or oval one, they take up less space than square or oblong and are non hierarchical.

It does rather depend on the space available though, it will be wider of course.

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 20:59:42

I think it's easier to squeeze extra bodies around a circular one; you end up with less plate space but it's very companionable.

Does that help at all? Suspect not!

We have one of those poxy little table-and-bench sets in the kitchen, which mostly serves as a place to keep piles; but we also have a large circular dining table (46" diameter) with two 18" leaves. With one leaf in we can get 8 round quite easily, and with both 12.

Could you get a biggish round one with a leaf? (Pedestal kind if poss.)

almost40 Mon 28-Mar-05 21:08:10

Wow, thanks for the responses. My current one is also from Ikea, tassis, but it is so lightweight, that the minute someone sits at it, it goes flying across the floor. It is made of a hollow piece of wood. Here's a sort of stupid question - do you think that a round table or a rectangular table is more conducive to conversation? We have the space for a round one, and I do like the idea of not having any edges. I don't think we will ever seat more than six at the kitchen table though.

almost40 Mon 28-Mar-05 21:09:14

JanH, I think you answered my question. I like the pedestal ones too, ah, I can dream. . . Is it sad that I'm dreaming about kitchen tables? What does that say about my life?

Bozza Mon 28-Mar-05 21:14:12

Would say it depends on the shape of the space you have available. We have a rectangular one in the kitchen but thats largely circumstances - is 30 yrs old and made by DH's late grandfather. It will seat a max of five (only room to use one end). Would you also have a dining table?

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 21:17:54

It says you have a lovely happy life in your kitchen!

Ikea do this one which comes with a leaf; it's 110cm (44") diameter, 155cm (62") long with leaf. It's all wood - except for the top which is painted fibreboard - what's that about?

Could you fit that in?

jennifersofia Mon 28-Mar-05 21:38:44

Def. go for round/oval if you have the space. Ours is rectangular and can fit 8 at a pinch, but couldn't possibly fit any more. Round is more flexible and I think they are more convivial and conducive to conversation. You don't end up having those 'only speaking to person next to you for the whole evening' with a round table. Rectangular ones there is more of a feeling that you are talking across someone if you want to speak to the person at the opposite end.

Bozza Mon 28-Mar-05 21:40:40

Agree with JanH. One of the best things about this house is that it has a kitchen that will fit a table. I feel quite posh having two tables, something neither DH or I grew up with. And its so much easier with little kids being so near to the action. Plus great for doing glueing, colouring, glittering etc.

tillykins Mon 28-Mar-05 21:40:55

JanH - "a place to keep piles"???!!! the mind boggles

almost40 Mon 28-Mar-05 22:19:19

That's lovely, JanH, but I think that the white would get really destroyed. I also would prefer not to do Ikea, since our current horrible one is from Ikea. We have another table which seats 8, so this is really the comfy cozy family table. I think I will go with round. Thanks all.

almost40 Mon 28-Mar-05 22:20:11

Bozza, your table sounds lovely. Nice to have a table with a history.

sansouci Mon 28-Mar-05 22:22:32

Without reading whole thread, would go for round table. Much better for conversations!

sunnyskies Mon 28-Mar-05 23:03:12

Having had both round and rectangle tables - I would go for round - although I have rectangle at the mo due to lack of space

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