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Where can I get the real stats on immmigration please? Sorry, not exactly a Bank Holiday question.

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Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 13:07:06

After spending yet another afternoon listening to a DM reader ranting about how all "immigrants" (this being a catch-all phrase for anyone this person doesn't want here) come to the UK, where can I get the truth to back up arguments? I know he's wrong but would love to able to quote up-to-date reliable stats.

Thank you

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 13:10:27

Home Office site, Tink?

(I haven't looked at any of it but there are lots of sections!)

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 13:15:29

"In 2003, the nationalities accounting for the most applications were Somali, Iraqi, Chinese, Zimbabwean and Iranian".

And applications fell by 41%. Hm.

The 2004 stats are only available quarterly atm - no nice neat summary.

Are you wanting worldwide figures though? How many go to other countries?

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 13:18:54

EU asylum facts 1999-2001

(EU only, and asylum, not other migration)

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 13:22:44

OECD trends in international migration - page 3 has some nice tables (but there are 74 pages! I didn't look any further.)

I will stop now

JanH Mon 28-Mar-05 13:23:34

Oh, except to say 2001 appears to be the latest year with complete stats as far as google is concerned.

Caligula Mon 28-Mar-05 13:26:18

LOL Tinker! If it weren't for the DM, how many Mumsnet threads wouldn't exist? They're doing us all a valuable service!

SueW Mon 28-Mar-05 13:30:07

What about National Statistics?

Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 13:51:46

Oh, thank you people . Will peruse and absorb. Want stats on how many asylum seekrs and immigrantst into EU and then how many into UK .I shouldn't really get this bothered by this person, these "conversations" are so predictable and the truth would make no difference whatsoever anyway but... We're talking about a real Alf Garnett here. Should but just feel soooooo

kama Mon 28-Mar-05 13:52:51

Message withdrawn

kama Mon 28-Mar-05 13:53:44

Message withdrawn

Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 13:55:08

Well, exactly kama. Had Irish grandparents, I "shouldn't" be here

WideWebWitch Mon 28-Mar-05 13:58:26

It would be useful info to have wouldn't it Tinker? I think MI has done some research on this, hope she sees this.

Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 14:01:34

Actually had something pushed through teh door about this - anti-BNP stuff. Had it handy when he was here at Christmas but was when the subject didn't come up - a first!

morningpaper Mon 28-Mar-05 14:04:15

God I hate these DM arguments!

BBC has some good stuff, search for immigration or asylum for some good articles:

Immigration figures
This says about 50% of immigrants are people that Brits are marrying from abroad, btw.

Are we being swamped?
This mentions that the UK is only 8th in European countries for numbers of asylum seekers.

SueW Mon 28-Mar-05 14:12:24

I'm not sure what I feel about this site but it seems to have lots of information on. It feels 'wrong'.

Tinker Mon 28-Mar-05 14:15:16

mp - thanks, should have thought of teh BBC

Sue - Migration Watch is set-up by a right-wing anti-immigrationist, I'm pretty sure.

SueW Mon 28-Mar-05 21:31:21

That's how it felt Tinker. Sort of protesting its independence etc too strongly; making a big deal about how the people involved had spent so much time overseas in places like Far East, Nigeria etc as if doing so would make them naturally neutral/broadminded.

Like a NF booklet, it reads like it should make perfect sense but something tells you someone's trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Tinker Tue 29-Mar-05 11:04:30

MI - you around? Told you can help

ladymuck Tue 29-Mar-05 11:57:09

This looks like fairly comprehensive data for immigration into the UK in 2003. Migration Data Website gives a fair amount of data about the subject up to 2002.

Tinker Tue 29-Mar-05 15:55:33

Thanks lm. Thought that was Migration Watch again for a minute

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