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would you move back to somewhere you left years ago if it meant very little mortgage and help with childcare?

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jingsjosie Mon 29-Dec-08 19:39:24

We just got back from Christmas with our family, and have returned to a discussion we have time and time again - should we move there?
We live in a city. A smallish city, with links to beautiful countryside, and some good friends. DD is 3 and we've always said we'd like her to grow up in a smaller community as we both did. We've talked about moving to a village outside the city and commuting.
My parents live in a very small town about two hours away with a good little school where property is considerably cheaper than here. If we moved there, our mortgage would be very small. We could be mortgage free by the time we are both 40. We'd have my parents around, who would fall over themselves to help with childcare.
However, we'd both struggle to find jobs in our field. DH would probably have to freelance, and I would likely have to travel, and may run the risk of not finding work for a while.
We get on well with my parents, although I have the usual family bickering, nothing major. They are both in quite good health. There is no other family nearby. I left the town 20 years ago and really thought I'd never return. However, it has changed from being in the middle of nowhere where nothing happens to being a thriving little community with a theatre, a community centre, a nursery, and good transport links to two cities. I am worried though, that if I move there, I'll become the small town person I never wanted to become at age 17.

What would you do? I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has made a similar move...

ApuskiDusky Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:08

A few school friends have moved back to the small town I grew up in, having lived in cities for a number of years, and I'd say generally it has worked well for them. The place has moved on - but it's still a small town. I know what you mean about what you thought of people living there when you were 17, but people change and what they want changes. Your kids will think the same when they are that age though!

But - I honestly think it's a no-goer if you can't get the work situation sorted out; if you're travelling too much, you'll be compromising on time with your family too much. Sounds like the idea of moving out of the city might work for you, but not sure where your parents are is the perfect answer...

nickytinseltimes Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:55

I moved back to a small town and haven't become the small town person, so it needn't happen.

I think you have to weigh up whether you are willing and able to take the risk with work ibn order to move somewhere which, tbhm sounds great!

I have to say, I am loving smaller town life.

VirginBoffinMum Mon 29-Dec-08 20:37:07

I did something similar after living in a posh part of central London, and it paid off in the sense that my children are happier and we got more house for our money, which made life easier. There was less conspicuous consumption around us as well, which funnily enough led to a certain kind of happiness as everyone was more equal. The education was better too and life was generally less hassled. Go for it.

jingsjosie Mon 29-Dec-08 20:37:07

The work situation is difficult. My profession is a small one, and it's more difficult to find jobs in the current climate. I am thinking of moving into research, which would mean I could do a bit more from home, and travel into the city for a few days, perhaps staying with friends.

You're right though, it would be much more hassle to commute. Currently takes me about ten minutes to drive to work. DH about half an hour.

DH would probably find working at home easier, although it might be stressful to always be looking for work.

Agree DD would probably look on the town with the same disdain as I did. I couldn't wait to get away! It gave me a very good start in life though... and wish I had appreciated it more then. My parents were always talking about moving, which may have given me the message it was a rubbish place to live. They have stayed though, and love it now. There is so much for them to do there.

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