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Help with New Zealand shopping please???

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Polgara2 Sat 26-Mar-05 23:38:03

Do any New Zealand mumsnetters (or anyone else for that matter ) know of a good online DVD site. I want to send a DVD as a birthday pressie to New Zealand but don't know where to get one from. Most of the ones I usually buy from don't have many, if any, Region 4 DVD's.
I googled but don't know if the ones it brings up are any good or not!

JanH Sat 26-Mar-05 23:45:25

Real Groovy looks like a place to start - quotes exchange rates for overseas customers - free delivery in NZ.

JanH Sat 26-Mar-05 23:50:34

Polgara2 Mon 28-Mar-05 20:44:55

Thank you JanH. Will go and have a look!

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