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My ds has just gone for a poo and dropped HALF A STONE!

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jampots Sat 26-Mar-05 22:16:53

Poor lamb has severe constipation problems and im afraid today I think his body has just taken over. He's been complaining of a tummy ache all evening and sat on the loo groaning but not able to push cos it hurt so much. Then he was sick and also managed to pop out what I expect is the entire contents of his bowels - he jumped on the scales afterwards and weighs half a stone less !!!!! OMG poor little thing

hunkermunker Sat 26-Mar-05 22:18:15

Crikey! Hope he feels MUCH better now. Poor MiniJampots!

Caligula Sat 26-Mar-05 22:18:29

Gosh, there's a novel weight-loss technique!

NomDePlume Sat 26-Mar-05 22:25:45

poor fella . Better out than in though.

chipmonkey Sat 26-Mar-05 22:33:45

.poor little pet!, has he been like this for long, jampots?

suzywong Sat 26-Mar-05 22:36:46

OMG! poor love

essbee Sat 26-Mar-05 22:38:28

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Sat 26-Mar-05 22:39:02


hope he's feeling OK now.

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