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My son is going to be on Radio 4

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Beetroot Fri 25-Mar-05 23:26:01

Message withdrawn

JoolsToo Fri 25-Mar-05 23:33:17

fantastic - you're one proud mummy then!

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 08:14:05

Message withdrawn

LGJ Sat 26-Mar-05 08:40:03

How lovely.

pindy Sat 26-Mar-05 08:52:58

Great Beetroot - does your ds go to the Cathedral school - my ds has some friends who go there?

Will have a listen

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 09:06:05

Message withdrawn

pindy Sat 26-Mar-05 09:44:54

They are the Dowdeswell children - ds only knows them as their mum is her clarinet teacher. They all go to Bristol Schools Band on a Saturday when the children are not at school! Dd goes to school in Portishead (Y7).

Do you know of them?

Happy Easter

pindy Sat 26-Mar-05 09:46:08

Dd took her Grade 5 clarinet last week, I'm a proud mummy just like you!

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 09:54:14

Message withdrawn

pindy Sat 26-Mar-05 10:04:15

dd is 12. she has just given up piano (was due to take grade 5 in that) but didn't have the time with the clarinet and enjoys that more. How many children do you have? I have a ds (11) did play piano but "not his cup of tea" he has some drums!!!! aaaaaarggghhhh.

Do yours play instruments?

Beetroot Sat 26-Mar-05 10:48:26

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 07:43:53

Message withdrawn

Anteater Sun 27-Mar-05 08:58:36

10 mins everyone..

Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 09:13:16

Message withdrawn

katierocket Sun 27-Mar-05 10:34:49

ah beety that's so lovely, wish I'd heard it - will it be on 'listen again' do you think?

Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 11:26:10

Message withdrawn

lou33 Sun 27-Mar-05 14:41:38

bugger i missed it

how did it go beety?

winnie Sun 27-Mar-05 14:49:08

Really enjoyed it Beety. I am not religious but somehow always find myself listening to the service on a Sunday morning on R4. Hope ds enjoyed it too.

Wallace Sun 27-Mar-05 16:57:28

Proud mummy

But, boy, it must be noisy in your house with all those musical kids

Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 17:12:28

Message withdrawn

lou33 Sun 27-Mar-05 18:15:09


Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 18:33:50

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 20:17:02

Message withdrawn

pindy Sun 27-Mar-05 21:19:26

Brilliant - did ds enjoy it?

Beetroot Sun 27-Mar-05 21:38:20

Message withdrawn

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