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Quick response Pleeease...Do I write 'I shall' or 'I will' ????

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Branster Fri 25-Mar-05 22:24:15

Am writing an official letter and am not entirely sure what is the correct way to say:

"I shall contact..."
"I will contact...."

Your help is much appreciated.

Evesmama Fri 25-Mar-05 22:25:23

will for friendly, shall for proffesional?

hunkermunker Fri 25-Mar-05 22:27:30

this might help?

Branster Fri 25-Mar-05 22:27:37

Thank you Evesmama!!!

"I shall" will be then!

lavenderrr Fri 25-Mar-05 22:27:51


Evesmama Fri 25-Mar-05 22:28:07

glad to help
havent spoken to you in ages?

Branster Fri 25-Mar-05 22:29:24

That's the perfect link hunkermunker! Thanks!

"I shall" all the way now....

Branster Fri 25-Mar-05 22:33:35

Oh I've been taken too much work on of lately!

I still have MN open on one window on the computer so I'm here most nights but don't have the time to contribute to any threads. but I'm keeping an eye on conversations!

I still have to work over the whole of easter to keep on top of things but can only do it at nighttime when DD is asleep. i even missed Desperate Housewifes this week because of it!!!

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