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Kira's gone to hosp with suspected Meningitis :-(

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magnolia1 Fri 25-Mar-05 21:11:11

She is 5 and felt really unwell earlier. Gave her calpol but her temp stayed at 102 and she was screaming with a headache and stiff neck

Hubby has taken her to casualty now, we rang Nhs direct 1st and they said to go straight away!!

I know it could be just flu or something but I am so worried and I don't drive so have to stay at home with the other kids worrying till he rings

And to top it off I feel guilty that I am on the computer while she is at the hospital!!

pixiefish Fri 25-Mar-05 21:12:45

Don't feel guilty- distraction works wonders. Hope she'll be ok magnolia

Evesmama Fri 25-Mar-05 21:12:56

dont worry, it'll take your mind off it slightly...i really hope she's ok??have you got other children at home?are they asleep?
let us know how she is

WigWamBam Fri 25-Mar-05 21:13:22

Oh, how awful for you. Thinking about you and hoping that she'll be OK.

NomDePlume Fri 25-Mar-05 21:13:43

oh god hon . Hopefully it will just be a case of NHS Direct erring on the side of caution. Hope DH gets good news asap. Huge hugs xxx

KBear Fri 25-Mar-05 21:13:45

don't feel guilty - you need to share this worry you are going through. Sending a hug your way and hoping for a speedy phone call from your DH.


Allegra Fri 25-Mar-05 21:13:46

Hope you hear something soon. I can imagine how worried you must be. Best wishes.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Fri 25-Mar-05 21:13:48

I hope she's ok. Don't worry here's a good place to be for support.

Blossomhill Fri 25-Mar-05 21:14:05

Hope dd will be okay Magnolia <hugs>xxx

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Mar-05 21:14:14

Message withdrawn

moondog Fri 25-Mar-05 21:14:32

Magnolia...stay on, it will do you good. Thinking of you all, and hope it's good news. XXXX

dinny Fri 25-Mar-05 21:15:26

magnolia, what is 102 in celsius?
really feel for you - have had a few scares recently with high temps/malaise.
whereabouts are you? does your a&e have paed bit?

coppertop Fri 25-Mar-05 21:15:29

Oh no. We had a similar scare with ds1 at the weekend. Luckily it turned out to be some kind of virus but it doesn't help when you are worrying.

nutcracker Fri 25-Mar-05 21:15:32

Definatly stay on computer, will help pass the time until he rings.

Hope you hear some good news soon xxxx

maomao Fri 25-Mar-05 21:15:56

Hope that she's okay, magnolia. It's good to be online, so you can get some support.

magnolia1 Fri 25-Mar-05 21:18:24

Thanks Girls,
Jade is 9 and sitting up on the sofa, Kira has a twin sister who is asleep in my bed! And Katie is 21 months and asleep too.

I do feel better keeping busy even if it is just talking to you lot

Will keep you all posted and thanks for the support. 1st time I have needed support on here and have been showered with it

Mechelle xx

magnolia1 Fri 25-Mar-05 21:21:03

Dinny, 102 is 39 in celsius.

Our a&e does have a paed dept so she will hopefully be seen and sorted asap.

Going to make a cuppa and check the phone line

:-) xx

Aimsmum Fri 25-Mar-05 21:23:54

Message withdrawn

LGJ Fri 25-Mar-05 21:25:31

This place is the equivalent of half of your family gathering in your house and waiting for news, do not feel guilty, we are a huge community, and that is what we are here for. Chin up chicken.

maisystar Fri 25-Mar-05 21:25:34

hope she is ok keep us posted x

trefusis Fri 25-Mar-05 21:26:58

Message withdrawn

dinny Fri 25-Mar-05 21:32:33

Magnolia, dd had temp of 40 last night. was terrified but she is OK (back down to nornal for now). Also had similar temp (39.8ish) for FIVE days recently with flu (she is nearly 3). So, what I am trying to say is I think there is a lot of high-temp lurgy about. It is so scary being a parent isn't it?

nikcola Fri 25-Mar-05 21:36:28

hope she gets better soon Magnolia (((((()))))))

mummytosteven Fri 25-Mar-05 21:37:13

what a pity for you and your family. hope it is a false alarm and she's soon running around and eating you out of house and home again!

tiffini Fri 25-Mar-05 21:37:55

my twin girls had a visus last week (16months)and one of them had a temp of 40.09 very scary, they are both fine now

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