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I got BUGS, I got bugs in my room..................

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BadgerBadger Thu 24-Mar-05 22:57:07

A Pearl Jam-esque title . But does anyone else get bees caught in their hair?

My hair is short now, but both yesterday and today, massive bumble bees still ended up entangled in my hair! I should be used to this! Every year from beginning to end, I'm plagued by the bu$$ers.

I'm also still simmering with indignance at being stung on the bum by a wasp at the end of November .

mummytosteven Thu 24-Mar-05 22:58:15

i got bitten under the arm by a spider last year

it's surreal isn't it when that sort of stuff happen

never had bees in my hair tho.... maybe I need to change my shampoo

Evesmama Thu 24-Mar-05 22:59:49

urgh!! daddy longlegs always get caught in my curly locks in summer!!!

mummytosteven Thu 24-Mar-05 23:00:29

insects don't like my hair - maybe it's too much of a frizzy tangled mess for em

Caligula Thu 24-Mar-05 23:03:11

I have a vision of you as a Hitchcock-esque heroines battling bumble bees.

Maybe you should change your shampoo? I've never encountered this! (Maybe the lice scare off the other intruders? )

HappyDaddy Thu 24-Mar-05 23:06:10

I've had a wasp in the eye and a bee in the mouth before. No hair in either of those places...

Caligula Thu 24-Mar-05 23:07:02

At the same time?

HappyDaddy Thu 24-Mar-05 23:08:59

No, thankfully. I wouldn't know whether to shit or go blind! Pardon my French.

BadgerBadger Thu 24-Mar-05 23:17:03

@ the birds, Caligula. It took me a moment to realise what it was yesterday........

I heard this droning in my ear (which I initially mistook for DH) eventually realising it was a bee, I walloped myself so hard around the head that I don't know if it was a bee sting that made my ear swell, or my left hook!

Urgh @ bees/wasps/mouths/eyes!
Suffered plenty of midge induced blurs back in the day ,
, , - sorry, something in my eye.

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