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Help needed on the mumsnet stal at The Baby Show

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Carriel Tue 18-Mar-03 17:37:28

Hi there

We've been offered a stand at The Baby Show to promote the mumsnet book, in exchange for some promotion for The Baby Show on the site and wondered if anyone would be interested in doing a few hours promoting the mumsnet cause. Please don't feel under any obligation at all, only do it if you think you'd find it fun/ fancy arranging a bit of a mini mumsnet meet up.

The dates are Birmingham NEC Hall One Fri 30th May, Sat 31st and Sun Jun 1st 10am-5pm and Olympia in London 17th-19th October again 10am-5pm.

You'd probably want at least two folks on the stall and there'd be books to sell (may even be a small commission if you sell any, but it won't make you rich!). Family could come with you, but the stall won't be much fun for little ones, there are however other things laid on - Nick Jnr will be there, there's a toddlers adventure area and a video wall with Baby Einstein..... There's more info on

As I say absolutely no obligation, but let me know by the end of the week if you'd be interested in principle and I can let you know more. Contact me on

Mocha Tue 18-Mar-03 21:54:21

I am interested in helping @ NEC, need to check with dp but should be ok.

JulieF Tue 18-Mar-03 22:23:24

Sorry, I've already volunteered to help out on the NCT stand at The NEC. Anyone who is going, come and see me on the Friday.

EmmaTMG Wed 19-Mar-03 08:51:14

I'd love to help out but would have had my baby within the last 4 weeks so I think it might be abit difficult for me.
However I will just add that I went to the London show last year and it was Fantastic and if anyone is concidering going I would absolutley recommend it. Hopefully I'll be able to go again this year.....newborn allowing.

Gizmo Wed 19-Mar-03 10:46:34

Yup, I'll do either of the 30/31st dates - sounds like fun (am I sad or what?)

webmum Wed 19-Mar-03 13:19:22

I'de be interested in the london dates, but it's a bit far ahead to be able to commit myself definitely.

sis Wed 19-Mar-03 13:26:57

I can do the London show on either the 17th or the 18th - sounds like fun... may I should go to the get a life thread

Carriel Wed 19-Mar-03 20:25:05

Thanks for all the offers so far on this thread and to those who've emailed me the mumsnet eenthusiasm and willingness to help never ceases tto amaze me. I'll be in touch with everyone next week and probably try and appoint a team leader for each place who will then coordinate a timetable. Let me know if any of you have any objections to me passing on your emails to each other. If so, I could give you the email of the team leader and you could take it from there.

As I say, we're all very grateful, especially as it's unlikely at the moment that any of us will make it (though Rachel mau make Birmingham) - but you can no doubt manage perfectly well without us!

Thanks again

leese Tue 01-Apr-03 19:15:33

Were you all aware that the mumsnet stall at the NEC is likely not to happen due to lack of volunteers? I don't mind helping, but can't do it on my own! So, come on girls - get volunteering - e-mail carrie before its too late.

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 19:18:56

I can't help with NEC or Birmingham unfortunately

SoupDragon Tue 01-Apr-03 19:19:20

Or even NEC or London which is what I meant to type!

Meanmum Tue 01-Apr-03 19:21:46

I can definitely help at the London one. Do you need me for a period of time or for the whole day. Happy to be a team leader if you need.

I'm quite new to mumsnet but already a mega fan and happy to promote any way I can.

SueW Tue 01-Apr-03 22:18:39

Unfortunately the NEC one happens during the school holidays, otherwise I would happily split my time between the mumsnet stall and the NCT one.

I think it's a great opportunity to 'give something back'.

Mocha Tue 01-Apr-03 23:40:29

DP has given the ok for me to help out at NEC. I can probably dop the weekend if he has dd for me. I could do the friday if you don't mind me having my 10 month oldd wth me.

bayleaf Wed 02-Apr-03 20:14:59

I can do the Saturday or the Monday - kept meaning to check it out with dh and forgetting - could do a full stint on either day ( but not both!)( dh ''owes'' me a jaunt as he keeps disappearing for the weekend with mates)

Meanmum Tue 22-Apr-03 10:36:49

Carriel - is this going ahead?

Carriel Tue 22-Apr-03 12:26:08

yes - I should have more details by the end of the week. Meanmum did you email me (Sorry sometimes can't work out which email matches which name1)

Gizmo Tue 22-Apr-03 14:45:02

Looking forward to it, Carrie - if you're still doing the NEC.

Although unfortunately I now can only do Friday 30th I'm still happy to help.

SueW Tue 22-Apr-03 16:02:56

DH has given me a pass-out for that weekend - 31 or 1 - if you still need help at NEC.

Meanmum Wed 23-Apr-03 09:03:10

I didn't email you but am happy to help out on either day at the London show.

Mocha Fri 02-May-03 22:01:48

Thanks to all who have volunteered to help at NEC. It looks like I will be setting up on my own on Thursday and I will be on my own again on Sunday as those who have volunteered so far are busy then. If anyone else can help out can you please email me @ Thanks

bayleaf Sat 03-May-03 13:22:46

I will def come if I'm not pregnant ( ivf next week).
If I am then I may drop out - sorry to be a wimp.
Will email you so you can get in touch direct.

SueW Sat 03-May-03 19:40:01

Good luck bayleaf.

SueW Sat 03-May-03 19:40:50

BTW, I'm getting very excited about my weekend away. One day on the mumsnet stand and one with the NCT. And a night in an hotel.

Bron Mon 05-May-03 21:44:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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