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CONFESSIONS,,things younever told any one...

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almostanangel Thu 24-Mar-05 15:04:06

when i was about 7 my mums friends little girl ..who i didnt like,,,was at our house ,,she got chocolate on her face and my mum said get her a i did and put washing up liquid on it,,,,,,,,,!! nasty not her
it really stung her eyes,,sorry

Kayleigh Thu 24-Mar-05 15:21:32

hello, feel better now

almostanangel Thu 24-Mar-05 15:24:53

thanks lol i meant confessLOL

Cod Thu 24-Mar-05 15:26:05

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Thu 24-Mar-05 15:26:43

ummmm....<thinks hard> ....ummmmm .......nope sorry. Nothing to confess

almostanangel Thu 24-Mar-05 15:29:15

oops sorry forget it then lol

PsychoFlame Thu 24-Mar-05 15:37:11

When I was about 7 I heard that all salt was bad and too much could make you extremely ill. My next door neighbour was an extremely horrid boy, so I gave him those salt n shake crisps with lots n lots of salt.

Didn't work tho, so I then realised that all that I heard on TV was a big fat lie!!!

Keane Thu 24-Mar-05 15:58:07

i wet the bed last night

TheVillageIdiot Thu 24-Mar-05 16:13:56

I live in a village nobody knows the meaning of the word

marthamoo Thu 24-Mar-05 16:27:47

When I was about 8 our next door neighbours had a new damp proof course put in and when it was finished I went round and poked all the stuff out of the holes (mastic?) with a stick. It was deeply satisfying.

And I ate the last two hot dog sausages out of the fridge and let my brother take the blame.

And when dh to be's flatmates peed me off I put their toothbrushes in the toilet then back in the toothbrush mug (though MNers with good memories will remember I've confessed to that before).

thefoodfighter Thu 24-Mar-05 16:34:04

i just told my granny i was too sick to visit today

almostanangel Thu 24-Mar-05 16:42:33

now that is wicked!!! lol

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