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almostanangel Thu 24-Mar-05 14:34:29

I wanted a baby alive doll never got one ,,,but i have got 3 daughters now so that kinda makes up for it lol

Pinotmum Thu 24-Mar-05 14:38:34

A diamond ring.

cat82 Thu 24-Mar-05 14:39:04

I always wanted a dolls house and a rocking horse. I never got them even though i begged for them every single Christmas and Birthday (and, er, other days too )
I am now making dp promise we buy both items for dd when she's old enough-i can't wait to play with them!

Pruni Thu 24-Mar-05 14:39:36

Message withdrawn

cazzybabs Thu 24-Mar-05 14:39:48

A pony.

noddyholder Thu 24-Mar-05 14:40:24

a dog

expatinscotland Thu 24-Mar-05 14:40:43

A Hermes Kelly bag.

Aero Thu 24-Mar-05 14:43:41

I wanted a Sindy dolls house when I was little and never got one. My cousin had one and I loved it. Imagine how I felt when my sister who's 10 years younger than me got one and worse than that, she hated it - never played with it (I was well past Sindy dolls at this stage, but oh soooo jealous). She was a total tomboy and more into lego and the Star Wars stuff my brother had!
She also got a hamster - I pestered my parents for years for one, but they wouldn't allow it. Last child always benefits form parents who mellow with age and experience! Not fair - pah!
Bought my own hamster when I moved away from home!

nikcola Thu 24-Mar-05 14:45:12

a louis vitton bag !

blueteddy Thu 24-Mar-05 14:45:34

I wanted a baby alive doll as well.
I was soooo jealous when my friend got one!
There was also a doll that made a crying noise until you picked it up, but I can't remember the name of it.
I wanted one of those too, but my Mum never bought me one. Can't think why not?! LOL!

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 24-Mar-05 14:45:40

A Mr Frosty and a house and car for my Barbie and Ken!

PsychoFlame Thu 24-Mar-05 14:47:34

I wanted a walky talky dolly as a little girl, and then as a teen I really hankered fo a long leather coat just like the ones in The lost Boys....the things Kiefer Sutherland was responsible for - Psycho

I wanted aa A La Carte kitchen. I always had to go to my friends house down the road to play with hers - Flame

colditzmum Thu 24-Mar-05 14:48:30

The full attentiom of both parents, day and night. I was a difficult child.

and brand name clothes, never had them, and of course now i buy my own clothes, I still don't have them!

expatinscotland Thu 24-Mar-05 14:50:53

I wanted Kiefer, not his jacket . Can't believe I was lusting after s/one who was so much older than I at the time.

northerner Thu 24-Mar-05 14:51:37

A pair of seven jeans
An eternity ring
Mr Frosty
Girls World

WigWamBam Thu 24-Mar-05 14:52:29

I always wanted a ginger cat. We had a black one, then a tortoiseshell one, but never a ginger one. I was determined that I would have a ginger tom when we moved here, and when we went to the dog's home (yes, I know ...) they had a lovely one ... and a little scrap of a black cat who saw us coming and was all over us. Guess which one we fell for? (Clue: I still have never owned a ginger cat).

lockets Thu 24-Mar-05 14:53:31

Message withdrawn

northerner Thu 24-Mar-05 14:54:37

I had a swimming cozzie with a skirt. Ner Ner Ne Ner Ner!!!

lockets Thu 24-Mar-05 14:55:37

Message withdrawn

PsychoFlame Thu 24-Mar-05 14:55:51

Expat....Kiefer IN his coat would have made ALL my dreams come true.

Snap on the age thing, but now he is back on TV, the age gap is smaller!!!

northerner Thu 24-Mar-05 14:56:25

I'll swap you my skirted costume for your eternity ring!

PsychoFlame Thu 24-Mar-05 14:57:31

Flame had the cool shoes with the bar that you could have over your foot or at the heel!!

lockets Thu 24-Mar-05 14:57:49

Message withdrawn

fruitful Thu 24-Mar-05 14:59:45

2 children who sleep at the same time... ok, I know, early days yet, just they've timed it every day this week so one wakes just as the other sleeps. Ds (6 wks) is currently asleep and dd (2y10m) is marching around the garden with a bucket on her head. If I go to sleep on the sofa now, would that make me a bad mummy?

Anyway - I always wanted a climbing frame / slide / swing - garden toys. Was so jealous of children who lived in the same house long enough to make it worth having these!

Keane Thu 24-Mar-05 15:01:06

a simple life
a babysitter
too feel young

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