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Booking a children's entertainer: any tips?

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FrenchGirl Thu 24-Mar-05 11:01:32

I'm thinking of booking a puppet show for dd's 6th birthday party in july. I have never booked an entertainer before.......
I found her in the yellow pages, and looked at her website (looked really good, nothing naff there). Have e-mailed her and she phoned back giving me a quote and has sent me info in the post (haven't received it yet).
Anything I should be checking, asking, doing?
Am complete novice and want to get it right for dd!!!! Tell me your advice and experiences (good and bad) please!

FrenchGirl Thu 24-Mar-05 11:02:45

by the way, this is it

Pamina3 Thu 24-Mar-05 11:04:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrenchGirl Thu 24-Mar-05 11:06:39

thanks Pamina, I felt maybe I should ask parents for recommendations but I like doing stuff my own way and finding something different.....
Fingers crossed

FrenchGirl Thu 24-Mar-05 11:32:20


Pamina3 Thu 24-Mar-05 11:35:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrenchGirl Thu 24-Mar-05 19:40:31

thank you Pamina (you are my sole adviser but you are very wise!!!)
I have decided to book her so hope she's still free....

bubble99 Thu 24-Mar-05 19:58:45

Was just going to say FrenchGirl be sure to book early. We tried to book a SmartyArty (a troupe of non-scary clown entertainers) but they were all booked ahead for 7 months)

blossom2 Thu 24-Mar-05 20:02:06

we booked a clown for 1.5 hrs for our wedding. i specifically looked at adverts in parents/baby magazines and then went on gut instinct. I had a list of questions before i called them up which included references but didn't check up on them.
I went with the person that i felt most comfortable with on the phone.


FrenchGirl Thu 24-Mar-05 21:46:39

eeeeek clowns! am scared of them!
she sounded really nice on the phone, not trying to sell her act hard or anything, which I appreciated.

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