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Where is Kia?

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Star Wed 25-Apr-01 21:57:05

Message withdrawn

Jac Wed 25-Apr-01 21:58:58

She's on holiday isn't she?? In Dubai or somewhere??

Tigermoth Fri 11-May-01 12:00:34

Calling Croppy. Hello! are you out there somewhere, or on holiday?

Kia Fri 11-May-01 21:08:52

Hiya! What a nice welcome back, thank you! Yes I've been back a couple of weeks and as you can see I got sidetracked onto the boards - hair or no hair and also all time famous weepies - guess who's been on hols and got re-charged! Still on diet although ate like the proverbial oink! Dubai was fabulous. It was really wierd going back after such a long time to find a spanking glorious metropolis had sprung up when my back was turned! The kids loved it and we overspent, but you can't take it with you etc etc! So how has everyone's holidays gone - anywhere special or not so special? I'm all ears, being nosey!!

Star Sat 12-May-01 19:17:09

Message withdrawn

Kia Sun 13-May-01 21:02:42

Star sorry I missed your message. I've been doing the womanly chores etc and haven't stopped! I've done the Butlins in Pwelli(Wales)(can't spell it) for a dance comp and it was an experience and a half!! I've never been to Devon, my sis goes every year. I've never been to a folk festival either - whats that like?

Star Mon 14-May-01 20:43:36

Message withdrawn

Kia Tue 15-May-01 19:12:42

Not bored at all! Will it be affected by the dreaded you know what this year, d'you think? Do you think our holidays as children really were hotter and longer etc? I spent mine in the middle east so they really were (!) but my memories of holidays by the sea are quite magical. (poor old dear!) we thought we might do a long weekend by the sea this summer, so ours have the same kind of memory at least once!

Star Wed 16-May-01 08:38:07

Message withdrawn

Kia Mon 21-May-01 20:55:57

Hi Star, sorry I missed your message my machine is having a bit of a stressy at the moment. I'm fitting it with a new chastity belt and it dont like it!! Yes, you can be nosey! We'll probably go to a place just outside Whitby called Sandsend. We went a few years ago as a huge family group and had a lovely long weekend by the seaside. Hopefully this time it'll be a girlee weekend with my sister and her tribe, my friend and her tribe and me and mine - buckets and spades and those little flags!! Are you still giving up something for Lent?! I'm still loosing weight slowly, but surely.

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