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ISOFIX seats in a Mondeo

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anthonycole Wed 23-Mar-05 14:59:17

Has anyone tried using an ISOFIX car seat in a Ford Modeo (2004 model)? The manual says it has the fittings, but my local Ford dealer could not find them! (Perhaps my local dealer is stupid!)

Any clever people out there had this problem?

Hulababy Wed 23-Mar-05 18:12:55

I haven't but if they are you can feel them. We have found that car dealerships, and car salesmen in general, are useless when it comes to ISOFIX.

How to find them???

Look in the back seats - not all cars have them fixed in the passenger seat at the front - to discourage you from putting baby there.

Push your hand between the material at the back of the seat - where the seat base and seat back meet.

Feel around. At both sides of the individual seat you should be able to find 2 metal bars.

They are a couple of inches long (maybe a bit more) and are sqaured off - long bit at front; two short sides going back into car structure (I know what I mean but can't describe it it!)

There are normally two sets of these bars - so you can have the car seat at either side of the car.

But beware though. Some cars have ISOFIX as an optional extra, and not as standard. With new cars they are often standard though.

Does this make sense?

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