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Can anyone help me with this ** application form?

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Hayls Wed 23-Mar-05 11:48:38

Came into work on MOnday morning as usual and was told immediately that I'm being made redundant. They're fat movers so today is my last day, which I'm spending filling in application forms for other jobs. I need a bit of help as I'm so rusty...
-I've been there for 2 years but had 1 year off as maternity leave- does this still count as continuous service?
-I came back to a different job after mat leave- do I put both jobs down as my current position or are they two different jobs altogether?
-Does pregnancy related sickness not count at all towards sick leave? Even non-pg realted whilst preg iyswim?
-There's a section for Academic and Professional qualifications- should I only put assessed work down or should i include all my work-related courses here? The only other 'blank' section is 'supporting documentation', which asks for brief details of previous training and experience
-how far back do you go back with qualifications
and work history, i.e school and uni quals, PT wok at uni
-They askwhat languages I speak and write- I studied Fench for some time but am not flen t(not too bad with reading) so should I ad this in? It's not relevant to the job BTW

Phew, if anybody can help with any or all of these I would be so grateful. I've got to pick dd up later so would love to have done as much of tis as possile before I return to bedlam!

Hayls Wed 23-Mar-05 11:49:02

Ok, they are a bit chubby but they're also FAST movers.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Wed 23-Mar-05 11:53:15

PMSL. Fat movers. Wonder if they can help me?

Sorry honey can't help just wanted to bump this up for you.

Hayls Wed 23-Mar-05 13:32:24

bump through desperation...

starlover Wed 23-Mar-05 16:55:27

Hi Hayls...

I am probably going to be no help whatsoever BUT...

IIRC your maternity leave does count as continuous service, as you are still being employed and paid by your company.

I would put the job title you are doing at the moment as your current position.

Not sure about pregnancy related sick leave... did you have a lot of time off because of it?

In the academic and professional qualifications I would include all your school/college/uni etc stuff, plus anything you have done with work that has earned you a specific qualification.
All other work related courses can be included in the part that asks about training and experience.

qualifications I would go back as far as secondary school... entire work history would be good if you can fit it in, some application forms only ask for the past 2 years

I would put that you speak french, but do add that it isn't fluent.

You can always add an additional sheet of paper in with more info if you feel it necessary. For example, you can tell them that a year of your employment has been mat leave, and explain about preg related sickness.... be concise though, they won't wanna read a huuuuuuge amount

Hayls Wed 23-Mar-05 20:32:17

Thanks, Starlover, I've sent it off now but I'm sure it's just a load of crap. Never mind, it's gone now!

starlover Thu 24-Mar-05 11:47:37

I'm sure it'll be fine hayls!
I HATE doing application forms, they always sound so stupid, especially when you have to talk yourself up and stuff!

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