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megandsoph Wed 23-Mar-05 10:29:44

Hiya, just wondering if anyone is a volenteer for homestart as I'm starting my 10 week course in a few weeks to become a volenteer if there is anyone would u like to share your experience please.

TwinSetAndPearls Thu 24-Mar-05 01:11:51

I now work for homestart but started as a volunteer.

Our course covered things such as child protection, drugs awareness, confidentiality, being aware of your own prejudices, positive play and domestic abuse. the course is intensive and due to the subject matter quite draining at times however it is very rewarding and I enjoyed it immensly. Anything else you want to know!

megandsoph Thu 24-Mar-05 10:39:13

thanks for getting bk to me I'm really looking forward to it I know hard it is being a mum especially a young mum with two lil ones under five. I heard about homestart a couple of years ago through my dad who has always been in the social industry such as being a director of the local surestart and now works with the YMCA in lancashire. I really am so excited as I feel also apart from the fact that I know I will be doing something good for someoneelse hope fully it will help me get my foot in door to the social work sector which has been my dream since leaving the army 5 years ago. how long have you been with them now??

TwinSetAndPearls Fri 25-Mar-05 17:48:02

I did my training about three years ago worked as a volunteer for about a year and a half and then as a paid member of staff.

It can be a very good door into social work or into a linked career. Mnay homestart outreach workers or organisers started as volunteers. Hope it goes well.

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