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wedding present ideas

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SenoraPostrophe Tue 22-Mar-05 22:39:57

going toa wedding next week and I'm stuck.

the couple gave us a lot of money for our wedding last year so we can't give money as we'd have to either give their present back or give more or less (with ensuing embarrassment).

Original idea was some wine and an ice cream maker, but I'm not sure. He's the one wh's a friend really so i asked him what they'd like. answer - "don't know, but I'm doing some building work on the house so some materials for that?"

I asked what she likes and got the information that she doesn't like cooking but likes reading.


If they had mealsdirect in Spain I'd order a month's worth. Or I thought I could get some wine for him, and a really good, really apt book for her (should be an English book in translation to minimise risk that she's read it). Or could I make something? How about I make a month's worth of meals? Maybe not.


SenoraPostrophe Tue 22-Mar-05 22:40:21

that was a long gift help request wasn't it?

SenoraPostrophe Tue 22-Mar-05 22:54:37


bubble99 Tue 22-Mar-05 23:01:09

How about some flash plants or shrubs for their garden? Or maybe pay for a gardener to come and do some donkey work, clearing, digging over etc. (I'm assuming they have a garden)

SenoraPostrophe Tue 22-Mar-05 23:02:00

no garden, I don't think. Not very Spanish.

milward Tue 22-Mar-05 23:10:10

A night in a really posh hotel - to give a break from the building work.

bubble99 Tue 22-Mar-05 23:13:21

Art is notoriously difficult to buy for others but I would defy anyone not to be moved by the NASA pictures of "Earthrise". These are photos which you can but as prints taken from the surface of the moon showing the earth. Amazing IMO. We got one as a wedding present and I thought it was a lovely gift. When I have a particularly crappy day I look at it and realise how insignificant things often are in the grand scheme of things.

SenoraPostrophe Tue 22-Mar-05 23:18:09

maybe. I was thinking of a picture, but our tatstes don't really coincide.

also hotel a good idea, but we'd need to book.

bubble99 Tue 22-Mar-05 23:21:59

Could you get a sort of gift voucher for a hotel so that they could book it themselves when it suited?

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 22-Mar-05 23:24:35

case of wine for him and amazon book vouchers for her?

scottishmumto1 Wed 23-Mar-05 07:35:21

i got married last year and one of the best presents i got was nice photo frames to put wedding pictures in

berolina Wed 23-Mar-05 09:47:50

Think i would combine PTMD's and scottishmum's ideas. Some nice wine for him, an amazon voucher for her and a gorgeous photo frame for them both (there should be something for them both there as it's their wedding). The whole thing in a nice box.

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