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Army Wives

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seahorse Sat 15-Mar-03 20:52:59

Any Army wives out there - are you worried about the injections dhs are having for the Gulf War (supposedly imminent) - dh ahs had smallpox, anthrax and the rest but not the anti nerve agent ones yet (or I haven't heard yet as the phones are now shut down!.

I want another baby (no 3) does anyone know ANYTHING to substantiate the rumours and tv documnetories about abnomalities in gulf war veteran babies.

Also are any of you really worried about dhs over there?

GRMUM Sun 16-Mar-03 10:16:15

Seahorse, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and everyone who has a loved one stationed in the gulf at the moment.I can't offer any advice as I know nothing about these things but having just read an article in the Observer I find it all very scary and worrying.
I am praying that war will be averted but I'm not sure thats a realistic hope anymore.I wish a safe and speedy return to everyones loved ones who are over there.

hmb Sun 16-Mar-03 11:32:02

I'm an Air force wife, does that count me out ?
Dh was out in the Gulf last time, and had all the jab etc. Both of our children are fine, and I had no problems getting pg. None of my freind had any problems either....I know that isn't a 'study' but it is my experience. Dh is out there again, so my thoughts are with you all. Cyber hugs all round. Dh was fine after his jabs this time, and last time. The anti-nerve agents give him the runs thats all.

hmb Sun 16-Mar-03 16:40:04

Oh, I forgot to add the anti nerve agents are tablets not injections. Try here

for some information on the naps they will be using. They are now licenced by the american food and drugs administration for use against nerve agents

willum Tue 18-Mar-03 12:14:41

DH is TA Headquaters and is very in to his NBC stuff, I will ask him what he knows about the injections.

In regards to the baby number three, we are trying for number two at the moment and DH is anxious that it works as he says if he was called up we could not try for a year after his return. I havn't gone into the facts on this though.

We've got lots of friends out there and every day we check the post for his call up letter. While we are living it some what I can't imagine what you are going through now your contact has been cut. Fingers crossed everything goes well.

seahorse Tue 18-Mar-03 20:58:36

Just rechecked this thread after hmb reminded me - how long has dh been out there hmb?

dh been gone 2 months now and ds(3) doesn't talk about him at all now ds (18m) is fine of course.

Looking forward to all the leave after he comes back.

hmb Wed 19-Mar-03 06:21:47

Seahorse, Poor you. Dh has only been out for 3 weeks. Dd is OK about it by Ds (3) calls for him constantly, which breaks my heart. We didn't have kids during the last Gulf war.

How are things with you?

Hope they will all be back soon

seahorse Wed 19-Mar-03 09:39:23


your dd will get better - ds cried out in the night for dh when he was poorly (dh normally does the 'sick in the night clear up'as I'm dreadfully lazy at getting out of bed! But he doesn't do that now at all - We didn't have children in the last Gulf war either but dh has now been away on operations for 18m of the 3 years of ds life and that doesn't include the exercies and short trips away in the meantime- The forces seem so overstretched its untrue.

Must try harder to remove my big chip on the shoulder about this - it's terrible to be a moaner - there are other mumsnetters who have partners who leave them, have affairs etc it's not that bad in comparison.

seahorse Wed 19-Mar-03 09:40:26


sorry - meant ds of course

Demon Wed 19-Mar-03 10:14:51

This is a terrible time. I don't really remember much about the last war as I was only a young teenager, but I do remember my Dad saying that they should never have left Sadam alive and that we probably hadn't heard the last of him. Sadly he was correct.

I just wanted to say to those who have men out there that I am thinking of you and hoping that they will be safe and come back to you soon. It must be really hard for you all especially with families of your own now.

I hope I don't sound patronising and I don't want to offend anyone I just wanted you to know that people are thinking of you.

Cyber hugs.

willum Wed 19-Mar-03 12:07:57

Is any one elses dh as obsesed as mine about me telling people that he is army? As soon as I mentioned that this thread had started and asked about the medication, his first response was 'you didn't say anything did you?'. I had to lie to him as he would of freaked otherwise. Anyway I pushed him on the medication and his response was that its a tricky one, he doesn't know what he would feel about haveing them, however the bottom line is that it would be mad not to. In his roundabout way I guess that must mean he thinks that they are ok.

Dh was previously in the regulars, so I do know what its like to be left behind. Good luck to you both and a hope it's over quickly.

susanmt Wed 19-Mar-03 13:32:59

I'm not a forces wife but my brother is in the RAF and is on standby. He has had smallpox but not anthrax - they were 'offered' but he said he won't take it until he knows if he is definitely going.
Hopefully he won't have to go - his sons are 4 and just 5 months, and my thoughts are with all of you who have husbands out there.

Alibubbles Wed 19-Mar-03 14:09:05

My BIL is in Kuwait, phoned on Tuesday night and you could hear the tannoy giving a message " Gas attack, gas atttack" and then the line went dead. My DS is upset, but it is the second time he has been to the gulf and her DS is training to be a fighter pilot at the moment. She says that's service life, and you have to grin and bear it. We were service brats so we know more or less what to expect in terms of loved ones being away and out of touch

hmb Wed 19-Mar-03 14:26:42

Love and cyber hugs to eveyone with family in the area, civilian and milatary. During the last Gulf war fiends had phone calls cut off when a scud attack was incoming. It is scary, thankfully never happend to Dh.

oxocube Wed 19-Mar-03 15:23:20

Would just like to add my thoughts to all of you with loved ones preparing to fight. Having read lots of arguments for and against, I am still undecided about this war but cannot begin to imagine how worrying a time this must be for friends and relatives of servicemen and women. Lots of love and hugs to you all. xxx

GRMUM Wed 19-Mar-03 16:38:40

My thoughts too are with you all,your children and your loved ones who are so far away.Heres to a speedy and safe return to them all.

oxocube Thu 20-Mar-03 07:11:44

Sorry, would like to add that although I am "undecided about this war", I do feel very strongly that as the decision to go to war has been made, we should support our troops unreservedly. They deserve that at least.

hmb Thu 20-Mar-03 07:17:54

Thank you Oxocube, your support helps a lot. Dh contacted me and he is OK. Glad that the first strike was against the only Iraqis that deserve it.

gosh2 Thu 20-Mar-03 07:33:03

Steady on Oxo I have just been called a "mindless patriot" on the parallel war thread for saying exactly the same thing!!

But yes, of course we are supporting our troops.

snowbird Thu 20-Mar-03 08:37:34

My thoughts are with all of you who have husbands out there, I pray for their safe return home. Love and hugs to you all. xxx

hmb Thu 20-Mar-03 09:44:22

Had an e-mail from dh this morning. Much love to all affected in Mumsnet. Cberhugs, hope things are OK for all of you.

mum2toby Thu 20-Mar-03 09:57:38

I can't imagine what you all must be going through, so just thought I'd add a wee note to mirror what others have said. Although I am not in favour of this 'war' I fully support the troops who have been sent out there to fight it.

Good Luck and safe return to all.

bossykate Fri 21-Mar-03 19:45:26

hope they come safely back to you as quickly as possible. best wishes.

seahorse Fri 21-Mar-03 21:59:53


Glad your dh is safe - have been thinking about you - as I'm not in military accomodation I am not in touch with any other army/military wives and you are giving me lots of cyber support as I know you are in the same position.
Got a little concerned this morning re the helicpoter crash as dh is often flying from Qatar to Kuwait and I suppose Iraq now - then felt guilty and selfish for worring when I heard they were all marines - you feel guilty for being relieved - but you can't help it.

hmb Fri 21-Mar-03 23:07:41

I love 'out' as well, but only 3 miles from the base, so there are lots of RAF and exRAF near us, which helps. Hope that your dh is OK. Cyberhugs, and keep strong.

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