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Any mums in North Somerset?

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pindy Tue 22-Mar-05 11:13:29

Hi - anyone live in the North Somerset area?

sacha3taylor Tue 22-Mar-05 11:14:58

I live in Bath, I am rubbish at goegraphy, is that anywhere near you?

WestCountryLass Tue 22-Mar-05 21:04:12

Not yet but hopefully soon as we are in the process of buying a new house, whereabouts are you?

pindy Tue 22-Mar-05 21:31:35

Near to Bristol - a place called Portishead.

WestCountryLass Tue 22-Mar-05 22:25:40

I live in Bristol now and we are hoping to move to Ham Green, not a million mils away!

Beetroot Tue 22-Mar-05 22:52:06

Message withdrawn

pindy Wed 23-Mar-05 10:31:55

Where abouts are you Beetroot?

Beetroot Wed 23-Mar-05 11:07:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pindy Wed 23-Mar-05 11:09:37

Bath is about 30 miles away - Ham green is about 4 miles away!

Beetroot Wed 23-Mar-05 11:11:35

Message withdrawn

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