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The innocence of young children .....

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ghosty Tue 22-Mar-05 10:21:53

DS (5) was watching Animal Planet today ... (yes, I am one of those terrible mothers that lets her child watch telly )
There was some program about wildebeest in Africa on and he was enthralled.
I heard him chuckle and then really kill himself laughing.
He came into the kitchen and said, "Mummy, guess what .... I just saw something really funny! There was this deer, right, and he was giving another deer a piggy back ... how funny is that, a deer giving a piggy back to his friend???" And off he went chuckling ...

dyzzidi Tue 22-Mar-05 10:23:02


hewlettsdaughter Tue 22-Mar-05 10:23:11


NomDePlume Tue 22-Mar-05 10:23:34


Marina Tue 22-Mar-05 10:26:03

bless him!

coppertop Tue 22-Mar-05 11:07:50


hub2dee Tue 22-Mar-05 11:31:02

Awwwwwww.... LOL.

hub2dee Tue 22-Mar-05 11:33:05

Friend plus her daughter came round the other day whilst we were out. They were killing time looking at my pond and her dd witnessed, ahem, my frogs playing piggyback. I think she legged it rather swiftly.

Hope the dear thing isn't traumatised.

HappyDaddy Tue 22-Mar-05 12:42:03

Our friend's youngest dd (6) asked dw and i how babies are made. We said "special cuddles" and left it at that. An hour later she bowls up and shouts, "can i see your special cuddle. WHY NOT??"

whimsy Tue 22-Mar-05 12:45:23


donnie Tue 22-Mar-05 18:42:40

my dd sometimes tells me she wants to marry me 'cos she loves me.....sob!( she is 3)

essbee Tue 22-Mar-05 18:43:13

Message withdrawn

ghosty Tue 22-Mar-05 19:49:07

Hub2dee ... not traumatised in the slightest, how can you be traumatised by seeing a friendly deer giving a piggy back to his friends?????

hub2dee Tue 22-Mar-05 22:45:39

ghosty: traumatised was for girl and frog

not boy and beast !

(her mum's words not mine)

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