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advice on learning to swim

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myermay Tue 22-Mar-05 09:00:09

Message withdrawn

hewlettsdaughter Tue 22-Mar-05 09:18:42

hi myermay. it's interesting that your son had to wear armbands at his classes. When mine went to classes at that age they didn't allow armbands but recommended the floatsuits (swimsuits with polystyrene inserts) that you can get.

hewlettsdaughter Tue 22-Mar-05 09:21:36

I'm sure you ought to be able to teach him yourself if he doesn't get on with the classes near you. Perhaps the Amateur Swimming Association or somesuch body can recommend a book or video to help?

TracyK Tue 22-Mar-05 09:25:20

I'm interested in this too - my ds loves the water and splashing around - but hated it when he had to wear arm and tummy bands. He was allowed to go without when he was tiny - but as he got older the teacher made him wear them.
I found BabySwimming and Little Dippers were better as they discourage the use/dependancy on swimming aids.

myermay Tue 22-Mar-05 09:38:03

Message withdrawn

snailspace Tue 22-Mar-05 19:39:17

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Tue 22-Mar-05 19:45:15

TBH, I think it's easier to send them to lessons. I find that when I take ds's all they do is splash about and do jumping in but ds1, who is now 4, has been going to lessons only since last May and is practically swimming on his own now because he'll do things formally for a teacher that he won't do when he's with me.

She uses 'discs' (I think they are National Swimming Association but not sure) - they start off with 3 or 4 on each arm and she gradually takes them off until they have none. They are so good I even bought my own for taking the kids myself even though they cost about £8-9 each!

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