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kids at glastonbury

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TwinSetAndPearls Mon 21-Mar-05 23:07:18

Has anyone here ever taken their kids to glastonbury. Tickets go on sale on the 3rd and we have been talking about going. Looked on the website and there seems to be lots for kids. My dd will be 4 in september and she loves music and dacing. I am sure she would love it. Would you take your children?

trefusis Mon 21-Mar-05 23:14:25

Message withdrawn

TwinSetAndPearls Mon 21-Mar-05 23:19:27

thanks reefusis .It does say there is a famiy camping ground that is quieter and there are activities/ areas for little ones.

I think my biggest hurdle is talking my dp into coming with us!

moschops Tue 22-Mar-05 08:48:21

there is a proper family camping area which i'm pretty sure (last year at least) the stewards are very strict about only letting families in. the kids field likewise is fairly well regulated and they have a full itinery. from the 2003 programme(can't find last years); the kidz field is open from 9am to 7pm every day and is packed full of rides, shows and entertainment of every kind......all provided free of charge.

they have a storytellers marquee, workshops, circus orientated stuff and loads and loads more.

try here

go to community then forums, then Glastonbury. there are loads of regular glasto goers on there, quite a few with children of all ages. there is lots of info, and a lot of the posters camp together. they really are a lovely bunch of people (i've met quite a few of them!)

come the last weekend in June i shall be sat at home crying at my telly and thinking of you (if you get tickets)due to my pregnancy we've decided not to go this year.

flamesparrow Tue 22-Mar-05 09:24:16

I haven't taken a child before, but having seen all of them there, your DD would love it!

I'm looking forward to having tiddly peeps old enough to take!!!

meysey Tue 22-Mar-05 21:01:03

I think Glastonbury has got overcrowded an unpleasant in recent years. The distances to walk can be huge for a 4 year old.

Why not try the Big Chill instead? Not so many famous names. but a good vibe.

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