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Reynaud's Phenominon, help, what is it?

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colditzmum Mon 21-Mar-05 21:47:28

Yesterday at work my hands went white and tingly and I went dizzy. I went to the doctor today and he says it was an attack of Reynaud's phenominon. Apparently it's not the same as Reynauds Disease, as this comes and goes suddenly and might happen again.

What on earth happened? It has really scared me!

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 22:08:06

My mum has Reynauds but not sure if it is disease or phenomenon - she has had cold extremities for as long as I can remember.

here is some info

Clayhead Mon 21-Mar-05 22:15:44

Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association they're great}

colditzmum Mon 21-Mar-05 22:17:17

Thanks, thats helpful.

Clayhead Mon 21-Mar-05 22:26:13

From the website (PDF File):

Much confusion reigns as to the correct terminology
and more recently the word ‘disease’ has been
dropped, the condition simply being called Raynaud’s
or Raynaud’s phenomenon. Raynaud’s can be
subdivided into primary or secondary.

bensmum3 Mon 21-Mar-05 23:33:53

I've never been diagnosed with this, but my fingers go completely dead and white with changing temperature, not necessarily cold (going from scbu to a normal ante natal ward). It can be very uncomfortable and I usually try and hide my hands until they return to normal which sometimes takes a while, try not to worry too much as I think stress can also cause symptoms. I found when I was pregnant I was much better.

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