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Gobbledigook Mon 21-Mar-05 21:39:20

Anyone know how you avoid an egg cracking while you boil it?

Got to boil 2 for the kids to take to nursery and decorate but if they crack I'm stuffed!

jane313 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:40:47

Try making a pin prick hole in it. I remember my mum doing that with a special device, but you could just use a pin or a needle

PrettyCandles Mon 21-Mar-05 21:44:38

Take the eggs out of the fridge several hours before you want to boil them, so that they can come to room temperature first. Prick them at the fat end, put them into room temperature water and bring to the boil. I think a little vinegar in the boiling water is supposed to help too, but I've never tried that myself.

If you don't have an egg pan put them in a steamer basket (the sort that sits insdie the pan) or boil several more eggs at the same time, because when the water boils the eggs may knock against each other and crack.

PrettyCandles Mon 21-Mar-05 21:45:08

If there's too much space between them, I mean.

snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 21:45:23

Vinegar in the water.

Gobbledigook Mon 21-Mar-05 22:04:15

Thanks all - googled 'boiling eggs' and got Delias guide - prick the egg, use them at room temp (thank goodness dh hadn't put them away yet from buying them - normally I'd be cross about it ) - however, one of them has cracked! Arrrghghghgg, just doing another now...

pixiefish Mon 21-Mar-05 22:05:26

vinegar in the water always works for me. oh and start the water warm from the tap so that you're not dropping them in boiling water

maisystar Mon 21-Mar-05 22:14:00

i useed 6 yesterday to get 2 without cracks!! the only way i found was to have loads of water in a big pan(so they have lots of room) and have the water just under a boil(so they don't bob about too much). also lower them in very gently whilst softly chanting please don't crack please don't crack please don't crack{grin]

bl**dy eggs. one of ds's is now decorated as rudolph the red nosed reindeer for show and tell, the other is for egg rolling!

maisystar Mon 21-Mar-05 22:14:32


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