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Motherhood has turned me into such a wuss... is anybody as bad as me?

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emkana Mon 21-Mar-05 15:29:28

I took dd1 to the cinema for the first time on Saturday - Pooh's Heffalump Movie. Was quite emotional anyway as it seemed another milestone for her and because it was one of our precious moments alone together, without wild dd2.
In the film there's a scene where Kanga puts Roo to bed and they talk about growing up etc., and then there's an appallingly kitschy song (sung by Carly Simon) about Kanga wishing that Roo won't grow up too fast, that he will remain her baby a bit longer.

Was in floods of tears !
Unbelievable, I'm such a wuss... but I looked at dd1 who's nearly four and will go to school in September and it just really got to me...

wordgirl Mon 21-Mar-05 15:35:06

Well I obviously am emkana - my eyes filled with tears just reading that!

Chandra Mon 21-Mar-05 15:35:24

Don't worry Emkana, Life is full of wisdom, it allow us a good dose of teenage issues that help us to let them more easily . But I understand what you are saying, sometimes you look at them and then you realise you have already a comletely different individual at your side. smile

Chandra Mon 21-Mar-05 15:36:05

let them go more easily, I meant to say...

RudyDudy Mon 21-Mar-05 15:37:50

Exactly the same emkana - in fact worse at the moment as pg so no chance. Have lost count of the ridiculous things that have made me blub in the last few weeks but am practically welling up even writing this

Sponge Mon 21-Mar-05 15:40:52

Oh god yes. Everything makes me cry and I was hard as nails before I had kids .

dropinthe Mon 21-Mar-05 15:47:48


Nikkichik Mon 21-Mar-05 15:51:05

Count me in to the wuss club! My dd is 3 and is just so adorable at the moment - still very affectionate and saying such funny things, I don't want her to grow up to be a big bad mother-hating, angst ridden teenager!!! It makes me cry just thinking about it! OK I do want to to grow up but you know what I mean.
We were thinking of taking her to see that film - is it suitable for a 3 year old. She has the Tigger movie and Piglets Big Movie and watches them.

snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 15:52:09

Me too - in fact it's Sob City round here most days for one reason or another

And as for Carly Simon - does anyone remember that 'Coming Around Again' song from a few years ago? Can reduce me to a blubbering wreck in the first couple of bars...gulp

dropinthe Mon 21-Mar-05 16:06:18

Snafu-am sure I saw you type approx a week ago or more that you were not coming on here again or did I get it wrong? You said Good bye to everyone didnt you??

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 16:07:12

dropinthe Mon 21-Mar-05 16:08:14

Youre supposed to be in bed CD!!

snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 16:10:39

Yeah I did do one of 'those' threads but I'm pathetically addicted, so I'm back.

It's scary out there

snafu Mon 21-Mar-05 16:12:42

Am I not allowed in then?

CountessDracula Mon 21-Mar-05 16:19:35

I know sorry but the cleaner is fluffing my pillows

dropinthe Mon 21-Mar-05 16:19:47

Oh,of course! You're an old timer arent you? Ive only been on here a few weeks!!

sweetkitty Mon 21-Mar-05 16:34:36

I was pushing DD (only 8 months) past a primary school at breaktime and thought "wow she'll be going to school in a few years I don't want her to leave me and be grown up" and I could feel myself welling up, bigtime wuss what has happened to me? Saying that by the time she's 4 walking, talking and being cheeky I'll be begging anyone to have her.

maisystar Mon 21-Mar-05 16:53:43

i walked past the primary school ds will start in sept (after dropping him off at pre school) and stood and watched the little ones playing and started blubbing! god knows what i'll be like on his first day!

dot1 Mon 21-Mar-05 18:00:35

Me too... Now we live near our parents I've organised for our 2 ds's (3 and 11 months) to stay over for 1 night about every 2 months, to give us a break. I look forward to it for weeks, but then on the night I'm a disaster! Cry on and off throughout the evening, imagining our poor babies missing us!! Although they stayed over last Saturday and I only cried once on the Sunday morning!! Can't imagine what I'm going to be like when they start school - or even leave home (gulp)...

And I honestly was hard as nails before they came along!

NeedMoreShoes Mon 21-Mar-05 18:45:52

dh looked after the twins for ONE HOUR on Friday so I could go the the hospital. On the way home I was going to run some errands, but decided I was missing the kids too much, so I went home and when I walked in the door and they all looked up at me I burst out sobbing because I was so pleased to see them.

Wussier than Wuss McWuss from Wussville.

kama Mon 21-Mar-05 18:52:19

Message withdrawn

Pruni Mon 21-Mar-05 18:52:57

Message withdrawn

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