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Horrible dog advert

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Nutjob Thu 13-Mar-03 16:34:31

Has anyone seen that revolting advert where a bloke, looking a bit worse for wear, kind of pukes up a dog?!! I think it's for chewing gum or something. My ds (5) really likes the Simpsons and this advert is often shown in the break. When we first saw it, it really upset him, and now I have to be extra vigilant with the remote control and turn over as soon as it comes on. I have since heard there has been loads of complaints about it and it has been banned from being shown on children's tv. But I don't think this will cover the Simpsons.

Anyway, my point is, (I think!!) why do they advertisers feel they have to make these shocking adverts? They don't work (I can't remember exactly what it is for) and can cause a lot of upset.

Bugsy Thu 13-Mar-03 16:48:32

Nutjob, I thought it was absolutely hilarious, although disgusting, when I watched it last night but I could see how frightening it would be for a child. I think there should defiitely be an after 9pm limit on its showing.
The adverts that continue to annoy me are the Kellogs winders, depicting torture (albeit of fruit) and Dairylea dunkers again depicting torture. I know it is just food but it does seem unnecessary to involve cruelty of any description when advertising to anyone but specifically to children.

Bozza Thu 13-Mar-03 17:20:22

Missed it but had the even greater pleasure of a full-blown description from DH.

Chiccadum Thu 13-Mar-03 19:00:26

I too think it is horrible, my dd1 ran out of the room when it came on, it really frightened, dh and I then had to spend the whole afternoon explaining that it wasn't real.

lisaj Thu 13-Mar-03 22:10:32

I haven't seen this advert, but my Mum told me about it - she thought it was appalling, especially as ds who is nearly 4 was with her at the time. I have heard that there have been a lot of complaints about it and that ITV (or whoever controls these things) are looking into it.

snickers Thu 13-Mar-03 22:14:21

Oh my goodness! This ad cracked me up when I saw it, but didn't actually consider what effect it must have had on poor children! Own DD only a baby still... Teevee is getting a bit out of hand these days isn't it? Agree with bugsy - have always thought the Winders ads a bit inappropriate for audience - dreadful.

Moomin Fri 14-Mar-03 11:04:08

Apparently, they've had more complaints about this advert than any other. It's not going to be shown before 9pm anymore. Woof!

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