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Another petition - probably close to many hearts

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Freckle Sun 20-Mar-05 12:17:03

Has anyone seen this latest petition?

support breastfeeding in public .

It's about time that breastfeeding was seen as a perfectly acceptable way to feed a baby and not as something which should be hidden away.

WigWamBam Sun 20-Mar-05 13:31:00


Freckle Sun 20-Mar-05 15:51:12

Bumping again. If anyone signs, perhaps they could add a short message, which will keep the thread bumped up for others to see.

purpleturtle Sun 20-Mar-05 16:00:06

I've just signed it. I was quite taken aback when visiting my cousin and her brand new baby the other day - in her own home, she still checked that we wouldn't mind if she fed the baby in the same room as us.

snafu Sun 20-Mar-05 16:02:34

There's already a thread on this but it's good to link to the TWNI site anyhow


(Now, while we're at it, who's going to start the Jamie-Oliver-for-PM petition? )

GeorginaA Sun 20-Mar-05 16:30:12

I've signed it and advertised it elsewhere. Having had horrible comments aimed at me when I was feeding in my own home, I certainly want legislation to give me the rights in public...

WigWamBam Sun 20-Mar-05 17:01:40

In your own home? That's appalling.

GeorginaA Sun 20-Mar-05 18:18:43

Yeah well... been there, ranted that

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