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Others kids taking over the house

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jampots Sun 20-Mar-05 10:18:50

I have 2 kids (dd 12 and ds 8). DD's friend came over yesterday and slept over last night. Her parents are away for the weekend and her younger (10) sister wanted to come too. Now can anyone explain to me why it is when kids visit my house they boss my ds around? The friends sister yesterday kept telling ds to put his rabbit back in his hutch and when she managed to get it clung on to it for hours, then shouted at him because he was planning on walking into HIS SISTERS bedroom - the kid told him to get out he wasnt allowed.

Now this has also happened with other friends. The boy (same age as dd) and the girl (same age as ds) were in dd's bedroom playing and kept telling ds he couldnt go in and saying nasty things to him, telling him to go away etc.

Has anyone else found this problem?

Miaou Sun 20-Mar-05 10:43:01

Yes jampots, dd1 and dd2 have an oder friend (they are 6 and 7, she is an immature 9), and although I think she is generally a nice kid she will often, when she is round here, play with only one dd and deliberately leave the other dd out. My dds do not like this at all and either one will complain loudly at this treatment! The friendship has only just begun so I have been able to jump in at the beginning and explain to this friend that it is not acceptable to push one out. This is fairly well accepted now although I do keep my ears open for potential problems. She is an only child and I suspect she is not used to sharing.

I know I am quite heavy-handed with visiting children - I tend to go for the "our house, our rules" approach, and explain to the dds that they must follow the rules of any house that they visit too.

magnolia1 Sun 20-Mar-05 11:45:25

Having four girls I often find this happens!! Jade has her friends round (she is 9) and they very often get a bit bossy with the younger girls (danni and Kira are 5)
I try to stay out of it if possible but usually do have to intervine at some point

Jampots you are not alone and I think older children just seem to think they have the right to be bossy (of course they wouldn't get it from us parents would they?? )

Mechelle xx

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