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nut free Easter Eggs?

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vict17 Sun 20-Mar-05 09:24:07

Hi. My neice has a nut allergy and I want to buy her an easter egg. The ones in M&S say they contain cows milk and soya and no mention of nuts so would they be alright? The other kind eg a malterser easter egg, don't seem to have any nutritional info on them at all, no 'may contain traces of nuts'

swiperfox Sun 20-Mar-05 09:34:17

Any egg made by 'Kinnertons' are perfect for nut allergies - or any kind of allergy i think. My cousin is allergic to nuts and we didnt realise but he was over the moon when he realised the egg we got was made by kinnertons (lucky choice for us!!!)
They make all the popular kids eggs too

vict17 Mon 21-Mar-05 10:19:01

anyone else have this problem?

psychomum5 Mon 21-Mar-05 10:22:15

Kinnertons are great.....two of my kiddies have a nut allergy so they are pefect. Kinnertons also do the best advent calenders.

Only problem now for me is to find a decent nut free and milk free egg for my youngest son that is aimed at children. Didn't bother him last year as he was too young, but he is over two now, so will notice, especially as he is the youngest of five.

crunchie Mon 21-Mar-05 10:22:34

Kinnertons are the ones, They make most of the 'kiddy' eggs. personally I wouldn't waste my time elsewhere. You can get Kinnertons eggs in all the supermarkets etc. They make Barbie, Tweenies etc all the kids character eggs rather than the named chocolate ones (like Malteaers or Cadbury's Buttons IYKWIM) Try Sainsbury's, Tesco's or ASDA and you'll be fine.

vict17 Mon 21-Mar-05 10:36:20

Thanks for that. So instead of looking for 'nut free' I need to look for kinnertons basically

Millie1 Mon 21-Mar-05 21:05:37

Sainsburys stock Kinnertons and M&S do a range of nut-free eggs .... I think it's their Pooh eggs which are okay (was checking them out the other day) ... if they don't mention not suitable for nut allergy sufferers, then they're okay ... you'll see that many of their eggs state that they may contain nuts. Good luck - it's tough on the little ones not being able to have any old egg!

JulieF Mon 21-Mar-05 23:55:18

Yep, Kinnertons. They have made there factory totally nut free so there is no risk of cross contamination. I'm sure I read somewhere about the workers having to wear special clothes on the produciotn line, the lot.

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