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Things to do in Arundel, Brighton area over Easter w/e

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pinkmamma Sun 20-Mar-05 07:34:08

Hello, wondering if anyone could recommend anything. Will be just me and DS (who is coming up for 3) so nothing toooooo adventurous!! Thanks

Miriam2 Sun 20-Mar-05 08:49:12

The wildfowl trust in Arundel is lovely for a stroll around, easy with a buggy too. Ducks everywhere- maybe babies too at this time of year.

sweetmonkey Sun 20-Mar-05 09:20:03

i think its brighton that has a sea life centre. i used to love going there as a kid, HTH

pinkmamma Sun 20-Mar-05 14:21:39

Thanks both

Twink Sun 20-Mar-05 16:54:54

The pier always interests kids of all ages.

There's a little railway which goes from outside the Sealife centre to the Marina and halfway along the route is a stop next to a fab newish playground (with coffee bar that does homemade sandwiches & cakes). There's crazy golf there too for older kids.

noddyholder Sun 20-Mar-05 20:04:03

Pinkmama i am in the same situation dp is working all weekend!My ds is 10 though but if you get bored and fancy a coffee with kids in Preston Park let me know ds is at a party good friday then its just me and him with no car!He is more than happy to play with little ones xx

pinkmamma Mon 21-Mar-05 16:06:58

Noddyholder - you just made my cry!!!
It is a really kind offer but I have just split from my partner and most of the time I am doing so well - then at the most embarrassing times I just start crying (like in the middle of kids party yesterday . So no doubt I would sit there crying which would be awful!!
Thanks again though, the thought touched me

noddyholder Mon 21-Mar-05 17:40:40

OMG!I am so sorry I didn't realise My offer still stands tears or no tears xx

pinkmamma Tue 22-Mar-05 13:27:15

Hi NH - don't worry, it was just one of those moments when someone being kind makes you cry. I am going to stay at my brother's cottage down there - I have been meaning to do it for about a year (he doesn't live there), but I am sure once I have been down there once I will be back so maybe meet another time when I am a little more together. Hears hoping for some good weather. Have a fab Easter. PMx

hub2dee Wed 23-Mar-05 08:51:05

pinky: didn't realise you were having such a teary time at the mo... I gave you some grief on the fags the other day

Hope you took it with the good intentions that were in my head. . Did you manage to get the book ? What did you think ? It helped my dw a lot. The fag free thread seemed to get a bit strange the last few days so I'm steering well clear...

Hope you enjoy Arudel. I studied at the University of Sussex, so visited Arundel / Lewes etc. - there's the Bloomsbury Set cottage towards Lewes - group of arty writers - and that's nice, but maybe better in Summer as there's a great garden. Arundel has a massive antique fair I think. From Brighton you can walk on the Downs if you want countryside.

hub2dee Wed 23-Mar-05 14:53:39

pink: Sorry, I got you confused with another user: 'minkmama.' Very sorry indeed.

pinkmamma Thu 24-Mar-05 03:43:01

Hi Hub2
Thought I was going slightly mad then cause I am not aware I have been on the fags!! no probs!

hub2dee Thu 24-Mar-05 09:47:40

Enjoy your holdiay. Had a stalkerish (not) look at your posts and can see you love travelling. I am sure you will enjoy your break immensely, and find a few magic spots near to your bro's place.

Will trouble you for aromatherapy queries for birth of dd closer to the time !

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