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Help I pressed the shift key too long

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MistressMary Sat 19-Mar-05 22:53:41

and now i keep getting new windows pop up and the caps lock playing up>

how do i get back to normal?

MistressMary Sat 19-Mar-05 23:00:26

anyone its doing my haed in>
i got three new windows trying to reply to this threAD

Surfermum Sat 19-Mar-05 23:03:17

Alt Control and Delete? I'm no techy but that seems to get me out of anything.

gingerbear Sat 19-Mar-05 23:04:07

control alt delete???

Reboot then install Google's pop up blocker?

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 19-Mar-05 23:04:43

Can you try holding the shift key down again? Did the PC bleep when you did it? I'll try to remember what it's called when you do that - hotkeys? Stickykeys? Something like that. It's not serious, just annoying!

MistressMary Sun 20-Mar-05 08:03:17

Hiya, Well just the reboot did the trick.
It is annoying cos everytime I clicked on a new thread to read, it opened up in a new window!
So had rather a lot of windows last night to look at.
It happened once before but I did something, not sure what though and it did right itself.
I should pay more attention I guess. Thanks for your help.

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