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Geocities Webpage Help!!!

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flamesparrow Sat 19-Mar-05 22:16:34

I have a geocities website - a basic follow the instrcutions, build your own jobby.

I have somehow managed to click and get gingerbreadmen "scurrying" across my screen... when I tried to unclick it, I couldn't find an option, so I thought if I had to have the bloody things, then I'd set them to go UNDER the page content... so I now have two sets of ginerbreadmen, some across, some below, and I also managed to get a thing so I have writing following the cursor round!!!

HELP! I have no idea how to stop it

see for yourself!!

flamesparrow Sun 20-Mar-05 09:57:48


starlover Sun 20-Mar-05 10:41:41

Can't help I'm afraid... only to say that I tried geocities and really didn't get on with it.
Try angelfire... I found them much easier to use

flamesparrow Sun 20-Mar-05 10:54:13

Good idea.. haven't update the site in so long anyway (apart from the recent disaster), it might be easier just to start again from scratch!!

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