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Please help me find the right word before I go mad!

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Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:12:55

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Sat 19-Mar-05 14:15:01

can't get it in one word - but in a brief sentence, how about treats you like a servant

or maybe Lord of the Manor complex?

Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:16:41

Message withdrawn

Freckle Sat 19-Mar-05 14:19:13


Freckle Sat 19-Mar-05 14:19:50

Oops sorry, didn't read your last post. Lording it over you. Don't think you can "lady" it over someone.

hotmama Sat 19-Mar-05 14:20:16

What about egotist - this is someone who has:

1) an inflated sense of self-importance or superiority
2) excessive reference to oneself
3) self-centredness

As per my thesaurus.

anorak Sat 19-Mar-05 14:22:15


I like this game

Earlybird Sat 19-Mar-05 14:23:28

I immediately think she believes she's like the sun - she brightens your day by her mere presence, and thinks the entire universe revolves around her!

turquoise Sat 19-Mar-05 14:25:15


Sounds like she's a combination of about 3 or 4 words, which i won't use on a Laydee's site.

jampots Sat 19-Mar-05 14:29:55

i can only think of two words : arse hole ?

anorak Sat 19-Mar-05 14:31:10


This is fun - all the joy of slagging someone off without actually committing the crime of doing it

hotmama Sat 19-Mar-05 14:31:29

What about t**t ?

Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:32:13

Message withdrawn

anorak Sat 19-Mar-05 14:33:13


Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:37:30

Message withdrawn

Earlybird Sat 19-Mar-05 14:38:33

could you say she has a "sense of entitlement"?

anorak Sat 19-Mar-05 14:39:04


jampots Sat 19-Mar-05 14:39:56


Earlybird Sat 19-Mar-05 14:41:11


Pinotmum Sat 19-Mar-05 14:41:30

Grandious (sp) Grandeous (sp) Was once called this by the Finance Director of a Company I worked for and don't think it was a compliment

Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:46:03

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:48:21

Message withdrawn

Earlybird Sat 19-Mar-05 14:51:48

Glad to help! I suppose if you really wanted to be tough you could say she has a pompous sense of entitlement!

I knew someone like this once - she really believed she deserved everything! Used to really get under my skin!

Pruni Sat 19-Mar-05 14:54:00

Message withdrawn

Pinotmum Sat 19-Mar-05 14:55:26

Pruni, pompous - he must have been talking about himself

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