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Can you do it?

(22 Posts)
Mothernature Fri 18-Mar-05 11:39:44

try this one, bet you can't do it

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 11:46:37

yes did it

Hulababy Fri 18-Mar-05 11:47:11

Fly - 3.4 sec
Red buttons - 61%
And yuk!!!!

Mothernature Fri 18-Mar-05 11:48:52

P.S forgot to say please make sure you have your sound on....

TinyGang Fri 18-Mar-05 11:48:56

O.M.G are you trying to kill me!!!

Not nice Mothernature - and I always thought your name made you sound nice and safe and reassuring

One to try on dh later, he,he

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 11:49:07

I was embarrasingly crap.

Gwenick Fri 18-Mar-05 11:49:47

Fly 1.7 seconds

Red buttons - 76% accuracy


anchovies Fri 18-Mar-05 11:49:49

Poor DS has ran off crying, my sound was on very loud!

NomDePlume Fri 18-Mar-05 11:50:16

I didn't have the sound on. What was with the eye at the end ?

anchovies Fri 18-Mar-05 11:51:32

Made a horrendous screaming noise!

Mothernature Fri 18-Mar-05 11:51:35

I just thought I'd give you all something to do over the Easter sent it to me last night....and I probably won't get a chance to come on for a while unles its late at night, as the kids finish today for easter...

Mothernature Fri 18-Mar-05 12:02:50

Nobody else?

Mothernature Sat 19-Mar-05 23:21:02

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 23:23:57

I have just babbed myself!!!

I never have the bloody sound on!

JoolsToo Sat 19-Mar-05 23:25:15

1 sec
and perfect suturing of badly torn eye
shot the terrorist too!

MadameButterfly Sat 19-Mar-05 23:27:16

Did not have the sound on.

£5 secs to kill the fly ad 33% on the red buttons

whatsername Sat 19-Mar-05 23:28:38

That's nasty.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 23:29:47

I've calmed myself now.

I got 5 secs on he fly and 50% on the s.

kama Sat 19-Mar-05 23:33:09

Message withdrawn

nightowl Sun 20-Mar-05 00:01:16

9.1 seconds for fly...61% on red buttons and need the toilet.

jampots Sun 20-Mar-05 00:17:26

1.9 seconds and 56% accuracy

jampots Sun 20-Mar-05 09:30:12

ooh today .8 seconds and 67% accuracy

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