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£5 off Delivery Voucher for TESCO - WHO HAS ONE OF THESE??

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JPM Thu 17-Mar-05 20:29:33

Finally got round to doing my first shop online and to use my voucher I picked up in store ages ago and it's now out of date!! Can't believe it!! Does anyone have one of these lying around at home they could give me the order code for ??

pixiefish Thu 17-Mar-05 20:33:39

Have a look below. some may work, some may not

£15 off your groceries 2QQTVV6GCX2H 24/04/2005
XX £5 off your groceries 3Q6YFQ9JPYFR 06/03/2005
£10 off your groceries 76KFH2ZL9MJN 24/04/2005
XX £5 off your groceries 8G697RZHMDR8 07/07/2005
XX £5 off your groceries 8Y3W892GQPLR 03/04/2005
XX £5 off your groceries 8Z6BMKC3QKQ6 05/06/2005
£5 off your groceries B33G84B8Y3X2 01/09/2005
XX £5 off your groceries CHYH7H9TR9XV 30/06/2005
Valentine's offer £5 off £30 spent DPF3NYFTKWTQ 28/02/2005
XX £5 off your groceries DWQXLW6RHG6Y 05/06/2005
XX £5 off your groceries F2H2NTHKCG98 04/09/2005
XX £5 off your groceries FCBTZ8MYX7YC 04/09/2005
£10 off your groceries GPK2M629XRQQ 06/03/2005
£10 off your groceries HLD4XXWFJR9G 05/06/2005
XX £5 off your groceries LFYGJWLNWN6C 03/04/2005
£15 off your groceries MDQ4BRNNRGYG 20/03/2005
£10 off your groceries QDVN2ZK9LD8W 05/06/2005
£10 off your groceries RJ244FC2HTVG 06/03/2005
XX £5 off your groceries T26JDJBRXDZM 28/02/2005
£5 off your groceries XWG7D46WLJBG 01/01/2006

Punnet Thu 17-Mar-05 20:42:46


Used it today worked fine

JPM Thu 17-Mar-05 21:30:43

Pixiefish - fantastic thank you - just got £15 off my groceries. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..........where do you get all your codes from?????????????

Gobbledigook Thu 17-Mar-05 21:33:57

JPM - which one gives you £15 off if you don't mind me asking?!

pixiefish Thu 17-Mar-05 21:35:32

JPM- I really dislike everything that Tesco stands for so enjoy seeking out codes for me and others to save money on

JPM Thu 17-Mar-05 21:35:34

£15 off your groceries 2QQTVV6GCX2H 24/04/2005

JPM Thu 17-Mar-05 21:36:22

Cool pixiefish!! I'll join your crusade and feel I'll be seeking you out on a regulra basis!! Ha Ha

Gobbledigook Thu 17-Mar-05 21:39:22

Thanks both!

What is it you don't like about Tesco PF? Is it that it's 'taking over' selling everything and causing smaller businesses to struggle?

pixiefish Thu 17-Mar-05 21:44:23

edit: added XX3Q6Y & XXRJ44 & XXXWG7 & XXDWQX
added XX-76KF
added XX-QQTV £15 off 50!!!
added another £15 off £50 XX-MDQ4

GDG- Yes, they move into an area and then force all the small businesses to close by selling stuff cheap. then once the small businesses have gone they up their prices.
I try to shop locally as much as I can as I am also concerned about 'food miles'.

I also dislike the way that they treat their customers- they know they can get away with treating you badly cos there's nowhere else to go.

Another dislike is the way they treat their suppliers- they force them to sell at cut down prices.

Anyway I've spoken with my feet and go to Asda , Morrissons, Co-Op and local shopping.

Sorry for that GDG- Rant over

Gobbledigook Thu 17-Mar-05 21:48:24

That's OK PF! Sometimes I'm so busy rushing about and just going for convenience that I don't think about these things and MN actually makes me think about things a bit more. If I had the time I would so much rather shop at small local shops - butchers, greengrocers etc as I'm sure the quality of the food would be better on top of everything else.

pixiefish Thu 17-Mar-05 21:56:06

It's hard and Tesco online is so easy. I'm lucky in that I only work 2 days plus I live in a town so I can pop out every day to get things.

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