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Family friendly living

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Sindie Tue 11-Mar-03 08:54:06

Hello Mums, I currently live in Richmond but our house is groaning under the weight of toys and children. Considering a move out of London but where to? Where do all the Richmond families move to when they want a half decent sized house and garden?

SueW Tue 11-Mar-03 09:11:00

I suspect with house prices in Richmond, families can move pretty much anywhere in the country to get a half decent sized house and garden

We moved out of a two-bed flat in Battersea almost five years ago and bought a large 4 bed house on a plot approx 200' x 55' between Derby and Nottingham, close to transport links (station 3/4 mile, airport 8 miles, J25 M1 1.5 miles) for a similar price. But DH's job isn't based in the UK and my parents live here so that swayed our choice.

starship Tue 11-Mar-03 10:13:39

Message withdrawn

Sindie Tue 11-Mar-03 13:07:38

Unfortunately I have to commute into the City. We would LOVE to move to the West Country but those plans are on hold for another 16 years!

prufrock Tue 11-Mar-03 13:13:20

We are thinking of moving to Cambridge when I have no. 2 and stop work (scary thought). Dh will still be able to commute - just, because train goes from Cambridge to Liverpol St and his office is right on top. 1 hour 10 mins journey, but there are some nice streets within walking distance of Cambridge station

kaz33 Tue 11-Mar-03 13:26:22

St Albans - another place with good links into the city. Friends who live there like it a lot.

Alibubbles Tue 11-Mar-03 13:55:54

St Albans is very very expensive! Average price for a 4 bed detached is £500K+

One bed flats start at £170K ( I know, I have 2, plus buying a third at £205K)

Great place to live, 20 mins on the train to London, fantastic schools, primary and secondary, 10 day nurseries (£50 a day)

Croppy Tue 11-Mar-03 14:06:15

so a snip then compared to Richmond.

bossykate Tue 11-Mar-03 14:46:53

or clapham, wimbledon etc etc

Marina Tue 11-Mar-03 14:49:16

or Blackheath or Dulwich...

bossykate Tue 11-Mar-03 14:50:09

i would have thought richmond was good for family friendly living. lots of open spaces, close to the river, kew gardens, richmond park, ham common, marble hill house etc. plus good shopping and an easy commute into the city.

robinw Tue 11-Mar-03 18:25:13

message withdrawn

robinw Tue 11-Mar-03 18:28:06

message withdrawn

bossykate Tue 11-Mar-03 19:36:29

i would also think about somewhere on the thameslink - this has good connections into the city.

judetheobscure Tue 11-Mar-03 19:59:41

Difficult to know what to advise unless you tell us what you want (bedrooms, garden size etc.) and what kind of price range. What side of London do you commute to? If Canary Wharf then Kent is great; but wide variations between different areas.

Sindie Wed 12-Mar-03 08:57:20

I really like living in Richmond but we can only afford a house with a postage stamp garden and with two growing boys I feel that it will grow too small. Have visions of a large garden with lots of climbing frames etc. We would need at least 4 bedrooms. I guess the most important thing with any area is the type of person that lives there. Preferably a safe area with liberal minded individuals! Very undecided on what to do. Do you think the sprogs really need a large garden if they have never had one and have open spaces close by?

Sindie Wed 12-Mar-03 08:59:20

Have considered Cambridge as I have family in a village close by.

NQWWW Wed 12-Mar-03 14:03:59

Have you considered Guildford? Fast trains into Waterloo take 35 mins, I think.

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