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Help - red wine stain on cream carpet

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Mog Tue 11-Mar-03 08:09:15

We had friends round last night and a glass of red wine was spilt. I used a standard carpet cleaner but left with a pink stain. Anyone got any cures for this - carpet is still quite damp at the moment so don't want to overwet it. Any tips gratefully received.

whymummy Tue 11-Mar-03 08:13:04

i`ve heard you should put white wine over a red wine stain or bicarbonate of soda,sorry that`s all i know

lucy123 Tue 11-Mar-03 08:18:06

salt also works, but be careful as it acts as a mild bleach - I have a beige carpet with a very feint stain surrounded by a big white circle where i put the salt.

White wine dilutes the stain, but doesn't get it out entirely (never tried bicarb though).

Twink Tue 11-Mar-03 10:23:28

Have a look at this
It's a wine stain remover from Lakeland and I can vouch that it really works; I spilt a glass of red on our very pale carpet and it got it out completely.

soothepoo Wed 12-Mar-03 22:37:44

Oooh no, don't put salt on it - it will act as a fixative for the stain, and you'll never get it out! I'd keep trying with the carpet cleaner.

sjs Fri 14-Mar-03 15:20:38

Don't know if this is too late to help, but we once spilt a full bottle of wine across our carpet and got it out with Johnson's baby powder. It acts as a poultice (sp?) and draws the colour out. Throw the talc on and then put a damp tea towel over it. Scrap off the talc when it goes red, and then put more on with the wet tea towel. Then leave it to dry and hoover off. Worked for us. (it was a tip from the carpet manufacturer to my husband when someone dropped a can of guiness on his brand new carpet when he was a batchelor and we've used it more than once since...)

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