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Broken Leg

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Twinsmum Mon 23-Apr-01 19:20:14

Hi...just after some advice really. One of my little boys broke his leg last night. Fell from window sill while saying night night to his car in the garden! I literally turned round for a second to lift his brother into his cot. Feel so awful...should have put them both on the floor first! Anyway he's only just two, and he's really confused as to why his leg is hurting so much/ why he can't put his leg down properly etc. Just keeps saying 'stuck mummy' all the time because he can't get around. Anyone else had a child with an early break? Any advice?

Robbie Mon 23-Apr-01 20:56:50

Hi Twinsmum,
I'm sorry I can't help but just wanted to commiserate - that's so unlucky, as a twinsmum myself I KNOW you can't watch them both every second so please don't feel guilty. Hope your little boy feels better soon.

Twinsmum Tue 24-Apr-01 17:47:18

Thanks Robbie. He's much happier today and his leg seems to be hurting a bit less. Also he's now got a bright blue plaster which he seems very proud of!

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