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Financial whizz types - help me find more cash!

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bibiboo Wed 16-Mar-05 22:53:35

While I'm at the money questions thing - can someone please tell me where my money goes and how I can keep hold of it/make more of it?
As a couple we don't go out drinking (If we do it's about once every 3 months), we don't smoke, our shopping bills are never more than £60 a week and we don't have pets. We don't ahve expensive hobbies and our dd isn't old enough to be expensive yet.
I've worked out we should have at least £1200 to play with each month after all bills, petrol and shopping, but it's more like £400!
Who is stealing it and why? Give it back!

bibiboo Wed 16-Mar-05 22:56:05

PS. If there are some mega-rich people out there who just fancy chucking me a bit of dosh, then feel free!

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