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PC problems...where do i start

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wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:20:19

Ok, am not that good on pc's normally and am too tired to think but have just changed over to mcafee 2005 as the 2004 had run out. But the pc has a couple of problems which started before the change. It's running a lot slower than normal generally and the net is running really slow - some pages not loading or only half loading and all taking longer than usual.

So is there a problem with the pc, with my broadband, with mcafee or all 3?? Done a virus scan and didn't pick up anything apart from some adware.

Bonkerz Wed 16-Mar-05 20:21:19

is that why u not on msn to chat?? Will bugger off and play sims2 instead!

tiffini Wed 16-Mar-05 20:25:50

just a thought but dh had the same prob a couple of weeks ago, turned out to be a computer hacker

SenoraPostrophe Wed 16-Mar-05 20:26:52

Have you run an adware checker? Sometimes you get programmes (not viruses) that run in the background all the time and slow things down.

Or is Mcaffe doing a massive update to itself or something? Is the Mcaffe firewall turned on? (if you're running xp, turn it off - xp has its own firewall)

Also what operating system are you running?

WigWamBam Wed 16-Mar-05 20:28:31

dh says: it may be that the settings you have on the mcaffe are too restrictive and are limiting the amount of access to the web that it will allow you. We have Norton and this has a control panel screen that allows you to set the level of protection. Suggest you look to see if this is possbile with mcafee (try clicking on the icon in the system tray) Otherwise try the help function or go to mcafee web site to see if there is an FAQ on this. Hope this helps

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:30:47

tiffini - how did he find out?

SP - mcafee clocked some adware that I've deleted - is there a specific adware program you can run? Have mcafee firewall on and xp one off, found mcafee one to be better, is the xp one supposed to be better then?

bonkerz, sorry have just got on msn but you've buggered off with your sims now!!!

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:31:49

Thanks wwb, what's throwing me is it started before the new mcafee was installed, after the old virus updates ran out, which made me think it was a virus but the new mcafee hasn't found anything.

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:33:32

Ok, somebody throw a tomato at me, just rerunning virus scan and its already found another piece of adware, i think i accidentally unchecked one search box the first time . So hopefully it's just adware and will go away soon when i can delete it.

WigWamBam Wed 16-Mar-05 20:34:30


Snugs Wed 16-Mar-05 20:36:31

I find the XP firewall awful - keeps disconnecting me from my broadband! I use the Norton Firewall now with no problems.

Try SpyBot . I used to run Ad-Aware but Spy-Bot seems much more effective.

tiffini Wed 16-Mar-05 20:38:22

the pc was running slow for about a week or so then one day his user would not let him in and his password hint had changed, he managed to get in on my user only to discover that someone had been on his ebay occount placing bids and leaving awfull feedback to sellers.

sorry not sure how he had it confirmed that it was a hacker or how he dealt with it

SenoraPostrophe Wed 16-Mar-05 20:40:57

XP professional firewall is good, but I'm asking because there are lots of problems with Mcaffee/Norton and XP home with service pack 2. If you still have probs and you're running service pack 2 that may be it: solution is to wait until MS come up with a fix, or upgrade XP.

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:41:25

Thanks snugs, will try that. Sounds bad tiffini!

Right, have a problem now. Found 4 new bits of adware and they can't be cleaned, deleted OR quarantined!!!

JoolsToo Wed 16-Mar-05 20:42:29

I've got McAfee with no problems.

Have you tried searching for nasties in 'Safe Mode'? it can't always pick them up in normal mode.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 16-Mar-05 20:42:33

shouldn't have hacker probs with a firewall and virus checker.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 16-Mar-05 20:43:38

that'll be it then.

This happened to a friend's computer recently (another friend had downloaded some software for her - must have come with that). the only solution was a reinstall.

Snugs Wed 16-Mar-05 20:44:13

If you are running XP, have you tried a System Restore to a point before you were having problems?

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:46:01

Ah right, thanks SP. Will do that then, don't have a lot on here to save and then I can start afresh. Scuse the total lack of pc ability now but how do I reinstall? Have the original pc discs, do I just install them or do I have to wipe the current stuff first?

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:46:53

snugs, good point, will check what system restore points I've got.

SenoraPostrophe Wed 16-Mar-05 20:47:36

you have to format the drive first (i.e. wipe everything).

Best to get a friend who knows a bit, or PC world to help the first time (and you never know - I could be wrong and they might be able to rescue it). is your version of Mcaffee completely up to date?

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 20:52:32

Just checking, my earliest restore point is 29th Nov. I definitely haven't got any programs I need or can't reinstall since then so is that best, seeing as I'm not exactly sure when the problem started?

Snugs Wed 16-Mar-05 21:05:57

I would have thought it is worth a try. By the sounds of it, things can't get much worse. Give the system restore a try, if that doesn't work then maybe have to consider reinstalling.

nutcracker Wed 16-Mar-05 21:09:04

Wobbly, i had this prob before i got my computer wiped. It started with bits of spyware, i kept running virus checks and it would say there wasn't one, until i ran Panda active scan i think it was and it found the trojan virus.

Hate to say it, but it does sound exactly how mine went.

wobblyknicks Wed 16-Mar-05 21:25:58

Thanks nutty. It won't system restore so will have to wipe.

nutcracker Wed 16-Mar-05 21:27:13

Oh no, anything precious on there ???

I had to lose all my piccies, dd2's first day at school ones too.

Think i've already told you that haven't I ?? Going mad i am.

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