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Got rid of our credit/debit cards - now cant register on ebay!! Any other way??

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swiperfox Wed 16-Mar-05 19:41:32

I have a load of stuff to sell on ebay but it says you have to register a credit or debit card to be able to sell - for some reason i thought you only had to have a certain amount of positive feedback or something (not sure where i got that from!)
Anyone know if there is another way?

nutcracker Wed 16-Mar-05 19:43:23

Hmm not sure, but i do seem to remember having to give my debit card details.

Amanda3266 Wed 16-Mar-05 19:45:14


As far as I know, if you use an e-mail address of your ISP then you can bypass this. We pay Tescos for our internet access and as long as I registered with that e-mail address then it wasn't a problem - I rarely use the e-mail addrees with Tesco as I have a Yahoo one. To register with e-bay though I had to give the Tesco one. I think it's so they can verify who you are if necessary and stop fraudulant transactions.


swiperfox Wed 16-Mar-05 19:57:12

I had to use my aol account to register to buy - but seems they want more for selling - typical!! We just got rid of all our cards to stop spending money!!!

helsi Wed 16-Mar-05 20:06:27

do you not have switch or anything?

swiperfox Wed 16-Mar-05 20:11:07

nope we got rid of all the credit and debit cards and are trying to live with cash only - does wonders to stop spending sprees!!!

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