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Do your kids play in the street?

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Mirage Mon 14-Mar-05 18:57:33

We live in a cul de sac & at weekends/evenings,quite a few of the kids play out in the street.DD doesn't as she is only 18 months.

My question is-are you happy to let your children play out? I do have an ulterior motive-we are about to put our house on the market & I wondered that the fact the street is quiet enough for playing out would be a selling point or not?

flamesparrow Mon 14-Mar-05 18:59:36

For me it would be. I grew up in a cul de sac and loved playing on the street - some of my best memories are of summer evenings playing hide and seek. But then you get those who say "all those noisy kids about".

Depends on the area, if people are going to think "look at the nice children playing" or "look at those little thugs gonna nick my car radio"!!!!!!

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