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Microsoft Word Experts - Anyone?

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Polgara2 Mon 14-Mar-05 16:43:14

Help, my dd1 has just saved over her precious story on Word with a new blank page . Does anyone know how I can recover the backup document? (eg the one that starts with ~ )I'm not familiar enough with Word to know how it works yet. Many thanks in advance - mucho unhappy child here !!!!!!!!!!!

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 16:45:37

are you sure she saved over it and she didn't just open a new blank document? If you go to the toolbar at the top and click on window (I think) is there only one document there or two?

Polgara2 Mon 14-Mar-05 16:51:03

She's saved over it I think because she tried to show me what she did and it looks like it . There are 2 docs, one with the full file name and one with the first letter replaced by the ~ sign.

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 16:53:15

And are both documents blank?

Polgara2 Mon 14-Mar-05 16:56:30

The full name one is, the other one comes up with funny symbols like squares (can't find remotely similar key sorry!!!)

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 16:58:14

Hmm, the one with funny symbols sounds like it's saved in another version of word - is it something she has worked on at school and brought home?

Snugs Mon 14-Mar-05 17:03:38

Don't think the one with the ~ is a backup copy.

Go to Tools menu. Click on Options. Click on Save tab.

Is the 'Always Save Backup Copy' ticked?

If not, then don't think you can retrieve document.

If it is ticked, then the backup copy will be called backup doc name. You just open that as normal.

beachyhead Mon 14-Mar-05 17:05:27

Isn't the ~ one a temp document?

Snugs Mon 14-Mar-05 17:08:53

I think it is beachyhead.

Polgara2 - if that 'backup copy' box isn't ticked, get it ticked now! Might not save your dd today, but will sure help if she ever does it again

Polgara2 Mon 14-Mar-05 17:09:13

Oh bugger looks like its gone then - that option wasn't ticked Snugs - IT IS NOW OF COURSE!!!!. So what is the ~ one then? Many moons ago when I used to work (outside the home ) that always used to represent the file backup which could usually be recovered with the correct tools/knowledge. Sadly I clearly have neither in this instance - why do brain cells disintegrate with each child

Polgara2 Mon 14-Mar-05 17:10:00

Oops took too long to type that post - told you - no brain cells left!!!

nightowl Tue 15-Mar-05 01:20:36

someone at work retrieved a couple of documents doing something with previous saves (we had it set to 10 mins) but i havent a clue how he did it...or is that the box you hadnt ticked? sorry, i am crap!

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